ABM Acceleration - An Account-Based Marketing Strategy Process

ABM Acceleration Works for Companies:

  • Considering an ABM strategy but struggling to get started.
  • Experimenting with ABM but looking for a process to scale up.
  • Wanting to move from using ABM as a novel marketing tool to implementing ABX.
  • Looking for advice in how to improve your ABM strategy and execution.

How the ABM Acceleration
Process Works

We help health tech firms move from considering ABM, starting their ABM strategy to scaling up ABM and
ABX across their organizations.


ABM and ABX Playbook

Define your ABM/ABX strategy in less than six weeks with the ABM Playbook.

abm execution


ABM Pilot

Generate demand and learn how to get ABM working with a 90-day ABM Pilot.

abm scaling


Scaling ABM Across the Organization

Scale ABM across the organization and see your entire team increase demand and productivity.

Transition from ABM to ABX


Transition from ABM to ABX

Transition from ABM to ABX and make your highest value customers even more profitable.

Account-Based Marketing Strategy
Based On The Real Buyer Journey

Every journey starts with a first step. In ABM, it starts with a sound strategy.

Our approach to Account-Based Marketing Strategy is based on a deep understanding of the Buyer Journey. At healthlaunchpad, we have developed a buyer journey framework based on how customers truly buy in healthcare. We analyze the steps from problem-solving, through evaluation and decision, to onboarding, using, expanding use to influencing the purchasing decision of others.

In developing your Account-Based Marketing Strategy, we will help you identify in-market accounts who are showing intent, develop ways to engage them, improve how you convert them, and build a plan to grow them into highly profitable long-term customers.

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How to Get Started


Our team ABM experts will help you speed up your time to market. This includes 15 weekly sessions to coach you through the whole process from goal setting, through buyer journey development, campaign planning and execution. You even get our proven, proprietary tools and templates. Once you launch, your coaches will provide 3 check-ins to help you optimize your program.

120-Day Pilot

There is no better to get started with than a tightly defined and timebound pilot.
We can help you get this moving with our battle-tested 120-day program. In the first 30-days we will work with you to create a precise ABM pilot strategy and plan to launch for you on Day 30.
Then for 90-days we will help you generate and capture demand. This program will generate business as well help you determine your long-term ABM plans.

ABM Playbook

Looking to develop a long-term ABM strategy? The ABM Playbook is our proprietary methodology that has been refined across dozens of client engagements. The process is based on the Total Customer Growth approach and proven ABM principles. The output is a detailed and immediately actionable long-term plan based on rigorous strategic analysis, customer insights and the latest in thinking on ABM, ABX and GTM.


"We have been experimenting with ABM as an organization for some time. Health Launchpad helped get it moving. They developed a strategy based on deep insights about the buyer collective and created an ABM program to help us engage prospects across a tightly defined set of accounts. Based on their vision for using ABM and the early results achieved, we feel we have a path to scale ABM."

Ross Whittaker

Director North America Marketing

Schedule an ABM Review Session

Are you looking for new ideas on how to get your ABM program moving? Let’s chat. (Don't worry, nothing is for sale on this call)

In this 30-minute call, we will help you get "unstuck" in your ABM program. We will review what you are trying to achieve, how you are targeting, how you are engaging prospects, the use of intent data, alignment, measurement and all that goes into an effective ABM program. Coming out of this session, we will send you:

  • 2-3 ideas
  • Relevant tools and templates
  • Some articles to read or videos to watch
  • What types of account-based-marketing-services will help you

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