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13 ABM Articles – Our Greatest Hits

Over that last year or so we have published a ton of articles on ABM we hope you find helpful. We have categorized them by topic as a kinda “Greatest Hits” digest.

ABM Strategy and Concepts

1. The Craft of Personalization in ABM – Why, What, and How

One of the main things that make ABM different is personalization. In this article, we will review why personalization is necessary, the different uses of personalization, and how to create ABM and ABX campaigns using personalized approaches. We also review how implementing ABM will change your marketing department’s operations.

2. What is ABX?

In this two-part blog post, I do my best to define Account-based Experience (ABX). In part 1, I review the issues that Account-based Experience can address that go beyond what ABM in its current form does. In part 2, I will expand on what Account-based Experience (ABX) is.

3. SDRs and ABM – Like PB&J

SDRs and ABM are a magical combination. This article will dive into how ABM can boost the SDR team’s effectiveness and how intent data can improve SDR’s life.

I want to give a massive shout-out to Ben Person, martech entrepreneur and the former CMO of Nuvolo, for his insights in writing this post. Ben has forgotten more about this topic than I will ever know.

Getting Started with ABM

4. How Can You Get Started With ABM?

Two of the questions that have come up a lot this year are “How do we get started with ABM? And what’s the right ABM approach?” In this post, I will try to give you a way to get started without costing you a fortune and ideas on pilots you can execute without an expensive ABM platform.

5. How to Create an ABM Playbook

In this post, I will describe how we create an ABM Playbook. This is our method for defining an account-based marketing plan. This is typically done over 4-6 weeks through multiple collaborative workshops.

6. ABM Tools and Templates To Help You Get Your ABM Program Moving

In this post, I share the ABM Marketing tools and templates we use that support our ABM process.

7. The Pilot: Getting Your ABM Program Moving

One of the biggest challenges in ABM is how to get started. I know many marketers who have considered but put off an ABM program for several years before getting going. One of the best ways to get moving is to run a simple and short ABM Pilot. In this article, we review three examples of simple ABM campaigns.

ABM Examples

8. Three ABM Campaign Examples

In this article, we look at three real-life ABM campaign examples. These are all campaigns that B2B firms have successfully implemented in the last two years. The names of the firms have been kept anonymous.

9. Twenty-Five ABM Use Cases and Ideas To Provide ABM Inspiration

Whether you are working on how to get started or scaling up your ABM program, I hope that this list of ABM Use Cases will give you new ideas and inspiration.

ABM Technology and Data

10. Do You Need an ABM Platform?

If you are serious about account-based marketing, you will be thinking about what technology you need and when you should consider an ABM Platform. This article reviews the different types of technology you will need to consider and the role of an ABM Platform.

11. What to Look for in an ABM Platform

If you came to the conclusion that you needed an ABM platform, this article is designed to help you formulate your ABM Platform requirements.

12. How to Use Intent Data in Healthcare

One of the sexiest things in Account-based marketing (ABM) is intent data. I am a bit of an intent data fan-boy and have written a lot on my blog about it. Most of my posts have been short video snippets, so I thought writing a more comprehensive post on using intent data in healthcare was time.

13. How to Leverage Hubspot for Account-based Marketing

As a long-time Hubspot user, I used to be frustrated about how clunky this platform used to be for Account-based Marketing (ABM). They have made some great strides in this area. This excellent article by my partners at Smarketers explains how to leverage Hubspot for Account-based Marketing.

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Posted by Adam Turinas
Posted in ABM Strategy Blogs on February 7, 2023

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