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Account-Based Marketing Strategy

Account-based Marketing for healthcare and healthtech is our driving passion. It's what we do. To help you become ABM superstars, we have created dozens of articles, podcasts, webinars on ABM, especially focused on the issues faced in selling to healthcare organizations.

campaign examples

Three ABM Campaign Examples

In this post, we look at three real-life ABM campaign examples. These are all campaigns that B2B firms have successfully implemented.

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ABM Pilot

ABM Pilots: Getting Your ABM Program Moving

One of the biggest challenges in ABM is how to get started. I know many marketers who have considered ABM for several years before getting going. One of the best ways to get moving is to run a simple and short ABM Pilot. In this post, we review three examples of simple ABM campaigns. 

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The Craft of Personalization in ABM – Why, What, and How

One of the main things that makes ABM different is personalization. In this post, we will review why personalization is important, the different uses of personalization, and how to create ABM and ABX campaigns using personalized approaches. We also review how implementing ABM will change your marketing department’s operations.

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Entering the US Healthcare Market

We have first-hand experience in what it takes to enter and build a business in the US healthcare market. To help you assess your opportunity, we have created a series of articles specifically for those considering entering the US healthcare market, including our one-of-kind US Healthcare Market Segmentation.

The US Healthcare Market Segmentation

At healthlaunchpad, we help companies enter the US market. One of the first areas they want help with is understanding the US healthcare market segmentation. How is this $3.6 trillion market organized?

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a case study - cross scree media entry into the us healthcare market

Cross Screen Media – A Healthcare Market Entry Case Study

In this post, I will review why Cross Screen Media decided to enter the US healthcare market, and how they approached this. I will then dive into how healthlaunchpad  helped them in this strategy and some of the keys to the success

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market entry barriers

8 Most Common Healthcare Market Entry Barriers & How To Overcome Them

Entering the healthcare market is not for the faint-hearted.  Market penetration is hard. In this post, I start by highlight my personal experience in the healthcare industry.

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Content, Digital and Social Media Marketing

We help many healthtech firms create and execute effective social, digital and content marketing programs. Check out our blogs, podcasts, articles and videos on best practice in social, digital and content marketing .

healthtech content marketing

11 Healthtech Content Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Business

Effective content marketing starts with brilliantly written content, but that’s only half the battle. Content is the fuel that keeps your marketing engine going. How you market this content is just as important. In this post, I will share healthtech content marketing ideas we use to help our clients boost the effectiveness of their content strategy.

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abm and social media marketing in healthcare

ABM & Social Media – Stages of B2BHealthcare Marketing

In a previous video post, we shared insights on how you can use LinkedIn as a b2b social media marketing channel. In the video below, Ben Person, a senior digital marketing guru at Nuvolo, shares insights on how they approach ABM & Social Media Marketing. He speaks to Adam Turinas, the CEO & Founder of Healthlauchpad.

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social media marketing for brand messaging

B2B Social Media : LinkedIn Marketing In B2B Healthcare

In this video post,  Jim Rose, Head of Global Marketing at InterSystems, talks to Adams, the CEO of healthlaunchpad on B2B Social Media Marketing.

Jim explains how social media marketing has proved to be a more effective strategy for new lead generation than the traditional bulk emailing option.

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Marketing to Healthcare with Account-based Marketing and More

B2B Marketing

B2B Marketing – A Personal History

I have been involved in B2B Marketing for three decades and lived through multiple waves of change in this industry. Normally, I look ahead rather than backward, so I apologize in advance for a self-indulgent trip down memory lane. Looking back, I saw how B2B Marketing had changed dramatically and fast in a relatively short period. Here is my personal story of living that evolution.

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agile marketing

Agile Marketing: What It Is, Why Implement It, and How to Do It

Agile Marketing has rightly been receiving a great deal of attention. For many organizations, it is becoming THE operating model for marketing.
In this post, I will share what Agile Marketing is and how it is implemented at this multi-billion dollar healthcare firm.

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The Four A’s to Weather the Coming Downturn

Yup, it’s here again. The R word. There are a million blog posts with advice on how to best prepare for the coming Recession. Many of them will tell you a recession is the best time to invest in marketing.

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The Healthtech Marketing Podcast

Presented by HIMSS and healthlaunchpad

Marketing to healthcare is hard. We can all use a little help. Join us for the Healthtech Marketing Podcast to learn from the experts. Each episode features an experienced healthcare technology marketing leader who shares tips, insights and how to’s on a specific topic. Episodes include ABM, brand strategy, international expansion, content marketing and more.

This podcast is brought to you by HIMSS and healthlaunchpad.

With over 20 episodes published, we have interviewed executives at Intersystems, Nuvolo, UAB Healthcare Systems Feedback, Saint Peter's Healthcare, Steady MD, H1, SpinSci, Snoball, RxRevue (now Arrive Health), DAC Group, Equum Medical, IHES, PerfectServe, Smile Digital Health, Health Recovery Solutions (HRS), Renegade Marketing and more.

These interviews have covered:

  • Insights about selling to healthcare from multiple healthcare IT buyers
  • Account-based marketing strategy
  • B2B marketing
  • Brand strategy
  • Messaging approaches
  • Agile marketing
  • Networking
  • Content marketing
  • In-house agency management
  • SEO
  • Sales and marketing integration
  • Social media markeing
  • Events marketing
  • Ethnographics
  • Marketing a start-up

We are always looking for new topics. If you are interested in being included, please email me at

Start-up Journey Podcast - Daniel Pluard

Healthtech Marketing Podcast – The Start-up Journey – Daniel Pluard, CEO of Intely

In this podcast that’s brought to you in partnership with HIMMS, Daniel Pluard, the CEO of  Intely,  a healthcare interoperability Start-up, shares about their low-code/no-code approach to tackling  highly complex issue in  automation workflows

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david fortino- healthechmarketing podcast

Healthtech Marketing Podcast – David Fortino, Netline on Content Marketing Insights

In this podcast, Adams Turinas, CEO & founder of healthlaunchpad gets actionable content marketing insights from David Fortino, the Chief Strategy Officer of Netline, a leading  content syndication Platform.

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sunila levi - healthtech marketing guest speaker

Healthtech Marketing Podcast – The Healthcare Technology Buyer’s Perspective – Sunila Levi

In this engaging Healthtech Marketing video podcast, Sunila Levi, a long-time Healthcare Technology Executive with rich experience in different sectors of US healthcare systems, talks about Healthcare Information Technology from the buyer’s perspective.

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