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Account-Based Marketing Strategy

Account-based Marketing for healthcare and healthtech is our driving passion. It's what we do. To help you become ABM superstars, we have created dozens of articles, podcasts, webinars on ABM, especially focused on the issues faced in selling to healthcare organizations.

select an ABM platform

How to Select an ABM Platform

The number of ABM solutions is exploding? They are no longer limited to forms with big martech budgets. Even firms practicing ABM with smaller budgets have options. So how do you select an ABM platform that’s right for you? In a prior post, we detailed the main function that leading ABM platforms like Demandbase, Terminus, 6sense, Triblio, RollWorks, Triblio, Jabmo, Rollworks, and Propensity have in common. In this post, we will provide a set of criteria and questions to help you assess vendors.

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SDRs and ABM

How ABM Can Boost Your SDRs

SDRs are critical to the success of your ABM program. Conversely, a well-executed ABM strategy can turbo-charge your SDRs’ productivity. In three short videos, my great friend Ben Person, a martech entrepreneur and the former CMO of Nuvolo explains why ABM and SDRs are Important to each other and how ABM can change the way SDRs work.

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A Healthcare Account-based Marketing Journey (Case Study)

We focus primarily on healthcare account-based marketing as we believe passionately that health tech and healthcare services firms should adopt ABM. In this case study, we hope to show you why and how to do that.
The company in this healthcare account-based marketing case study is a large technology and services firm that sells exclusively to healthcare organizations. They sell various services and solutions and have relationships with hundreds of healthcare organizations. 

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Entering the US Healthcare Market

We have first-hand experience in what it takes to enter and build a business in the US healthcare market. To help you assess your opportunity, we have created a series of articles specifically for those considering entering the US healthcare market, including our one-of-kind US Healthcare Market Segmentation.

Resources for Healthcare Rookies

Resources for Healthcare Rookies

Starting work in healthcare is like entering a parallel universe. Nearly everything is different. The business dynamics, the purpose of the organizations, and the economics are alien to anyone who, like me, has spent a career in other industries. Over the last few years, we have written posts and articles that we hope will be helpful for anyone trying to get to grips with healthcare.

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The US Healthcare Market Segmentation

At healthlaunchpad, we help companies enter the US market. One of the first areas they want help with is understanding the US healthcare market segmentation. How is this $3.6 trillion market organized?

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a case study - cross scree media entry into the us healthcare market

Cross Screen Media – A Healthcare Market Entry Case Study

In this post, I will review why Cross Screen Media decided to enter the US healthcare market, and how they approached this. I will then dive into how healthlaunchpad  helped them in this strategy and some of the keys to the success

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Content, Digital and Social Media Marketing

We help many healthtech firms create and execute effective social, digital and content marketing programs. Check out our blogs, podcasts, articles and videos on best practice in social, digital and content marketing .

social selling

10 Hard-earned Social Selling Tips

Social selling is using social channels to build strong relationships with prospective and current customers. I have been on LinkedIn since 2004 and have used social media to raise my profile through blogs and other social media activities for almost two decades. Social selling has been instrumental to the success of healthlaunchpad.  Social selling can be incredibly effective, but it’s very hard to do well. I am still trying to master it. Here are ten things I have learned that will put you on the road to becoming a social-selling Jedi.

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content marketing

11 Content Marketing Idea Slideshow

Great content is a fundamental part of any B2B marketing plan. Creating content is a make-or-break component, but it’s not the whole story. Getting that content in front of your target audience is as essential. Many marketers fall short on this.
Here are 11 strategies and ideas to market your content.

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ChatGPT for PR

How Language AI and ChatGPT can Help PR Professionals Thrive

Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the last 30 days, you have probably heard of the latest advanced technology solution called Language AI, specifically ChatGPT. And chances are, you have probably tried it and have an opinion about the technology.

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Marketing to Healthcare with Account-based Marketing and More

What To Look For in a B2B Healthcare Marketing Agency

In Season 10 of one of my favorite shows, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry David is so effronted by the experience at Mocha Joe’s coffee store that he opens a spite store next door called Latte Larry’s. Starting a spite business has much to do with how I turned healthlaunchpad into a B2B Healthcare Marketing agency. Here are the ten criteria, I have learned are what B2B Healthcare Marketers look for in selecting the right agency.

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10 Last-Minute + 1 Bonus Pre-HIMSS Marketing Tips

Ah, the last week’s push to HIMSS… the time when event marketers feel the adrenaline rush (and maybe even have some sleepless nights) that comes with knowing the efforts put toward planning are about to come to fruition. The curtain is coming up on the stage, and you’re turning the script over to the team responsible for staffing the show.

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Healthcare payer market

US Healthcare Payer Market Segmentation

Like any segment of the healthcare industry, the payer market is complex and multifaceted. In this post, I’ll share a high-level overview of the payer market, then drill down on the US healthcare payer market segmentation and payer market size to help you understand how the segment, as a whole, functions.

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The Healthtech Marketing Podcast

Presented by HIMSS and healthlaunchpad

Marketing to healthcare is hard. We can all use a little help. Join us for the Healthtech Marketing Podcast to learn from the experts. Each episode features an experienced healthcare technology marketing leader who shares tips, insights and how to’s on a specific topic. Episodes include ABM, brand strategy, international expansion, content marketing and more.

This podcast is brought to you by HIMSS and healthlaunchpad.

With over 20 episodes published, we have interviewed executives at Intersystems, Nuvolo, UAB Healthcare Systems Feedback, Saint Peter's Healthcare, Steady MD, H1, SpinSci, Snoball, RxRevue (now Arrive Health), DAC Group, Equum Medical, IHES, PerfectServe, Smile Digital Health, Health Recovery Solutions (HRS), Renegade Marketing and more.

These interviews have covered:

  • Insights about selling to healthcare from multiple healthcare IT buyers
  • Account-based marketing strategy
  • B2B marketing
  • Brand strategy
  • Messaging approaches
  • Agile marketing
  • Networking
  • Content marketing
  • In-house agency management
  • SEO
  • Sales and marketing integration
  • Social media markeing
  • Events marketing
  • Ethnographics
  • Marketing a start-up

We are always looking for new topics. If you are interested in being included, please email me at

All About Social Selling – Anita Windisman, Bluesquare Collective

In this episode of the Healthtech Marketing Podcast, I interviewed Anita Windisman, a LinkedIn and social selling guru. Anita is a confounder of Blue Square Collective. She is a very highly regarded expert in social selling. At Blue Square, she helps companies master digital and social selling. Before founding, Blue Square was a Customer Sucess leader with LinkedIn in Europe.

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The Partnerships Episode – Jenna Chambers and Brittany Jones

In this episode, we are doing something a little unusual, and we have two terrific guests today in this special episode on partnerships. This is a deep dive into the whole area of sales and marketing partnerships.
We dive into how both companies leverage partnerships for growth and delivery, the strategic importance of partners, especially in customer success, how they find, qualify and engage partners, what makes a successful partnership and more.

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Everything ABM Everywhere All At Once (an interview with Terminus CMO, Natalie Cunningham)

If you are looking for an excellent way to understand ABM, what it is, how it works, and what it can do for your business, listen to one of the clearest voices on the power of ABM, Natalie Cunningham, CMO of Terminus.

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