valuable insights by Royce Brunson on Sales and Marketing Integration

Building a Tightly Integrated Sales & Marketing Team: Royce Brunson, Chief Revenue Officer of Health Recovery Solutions

In this podcast, Adam Turinas, the CEO of healthlaunchpad, talks to Royce Brunson, a Chief Revenue Officer at Health Recovery Solutions (HRS) which is a remote monitoring service provider.

Royce provides great insights on the strategies they have used in building a tightly integrated sales and marketing team.

The podcast is produced through the partnership of HIMSS and healthlaunchpad

I hope that as a healthtech marketer,  the podcast will give you practical insights that will help you in improving your organization’s marketing strategies.

The Podcast Highlights With Timestamps

2:41 Royce Brunson On  His Role & HRS

5:33 The Future of telehealth & Integration in the healthcare sector

7:23 Examples of Telehealth Technologies Used by HRS

8:53 HRS’s Approach – Sales and Marketing Team Collaboration

10:44  HRS’s Acquisition Team & Retention Team

12:24  The Structure of HRS Marketing Team Organization (In-house & Outsourcing)

18:48Why Companies Find Seamless Integration of  Sales & Marketing Difficult

20:29 The Importance of Constant Feedback from SDRs, Sales, & Customers

21:11   Royce’s Example On Feedback & Customer Engagement

23:51  How HRS SDR Team Marketing Team Handle Feedbacks

25:14 The Sales Stack at HRS

26:53 Why HRS Has Not Fully Embraced ABM

28:56 HRS Sales Cycles & How they Shorten It

30:15 –  How HRS Uses ROI to Gauge Clients’ Requirements

33:54 Royce’s Final Advice

The Healthtech Marketing Podcast Video Royce Brunson, Chief Revenue Officer, HRS

Royce Brunson’s Podcast Briefs With Time-stamps.

2:41 – Royce Brunson On His Role & Their HRS Company

Royce explains his role in HRS and their companies key areas of focus

5:33 – The Future of Telehealth & The Need For Integration

Royce Brunson shares insights on telehealth and how through integration, companies can attain a competitive advantage

7:23 Examples of Telehealth Technologies Used By HRS

Brunson provides examples of some of the technologies or platforms that their company uses to market their solutions

8:53HRS’s Approach To Sales and Marketing

Brunson explains the need for both the sales and marketing teams to work alongside one another to realize shared goals.

10:44 –  HRS’s Acquisition Team & Retention Team

Brunson explains the strategy their company uses to ensure they retain their customers during their buying journey.

12:24 –  Content Marketing Team  In-house or outsourcing

Royce explains how their company supplements their in-house content marketing team with an outsourcing model

18:48 – Why Companies Find Seamless Integration of  Sales & Marketing Difficult

Royce explains how content and adopting the right strategy is at the core of SEO

20:29 – Importance of Constant Feedbacks from SDR, Sales, & Customers

Royce Brunson explains the importance of feedback and engagements, and how their SDR and marketing team approach this to drive success through conversions.

21:11 –  Example of HRS’s Customer Engagement & Handling of Feedbacks

Royce gives an example of how through customer engagement, they get important feedback

23:51 –  The Role of SDR Team and Marketing Team In Feedback

Brunson explains how their SDR team and Marketing team handle feedback.

25:14 – HRS’s Sales Stack

Royce shares insights on some of the technologies or platforms that they use in order to nurture leads.

26:53 – Why HRS Has Not Fully Embraced ABM

Royce explains the reasons why their company has not fully embraced ABM and their future plans on the same.

28:56 – HRS Sales Cycles & How They Have Shortened Them

Royce Brunson shares insights on sales cycles’ correlation with complexity to sell, the personas they focus on, and how they have managed to shorten their sales cycles.

30:15 – How HRS Uses ROI to Gauge Clients’ Requirements

Brunson explains how their company is able to gauge and advise clients on their requirements or budgeting based on ROI data.

33:54 – Royces Brunson’s Final Advice

As final advice to digital healthtech marketers,  Royce explains the importance of being impatient to act, but being patient in realizing outcomes.

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