Karsten Russell-Wood provides valuable insights on healthcaremarketing trust building

Building Trust Healthtech Marketing: – Karsten Russell-Wood, Chief Marketing & Experience Officer, EQUUM Medical.

In this engaging podcast discussion, Karsten Russell-Wood, a Chief Marketing & Experience Officer at EQUUM Medical, shares his rich experience and lessons on how you can build trust in B2B healthcare marketing.

Karsten talks to Adam Turinas, the CEO & Founder of healthlaunchpad, and gives lots of insights and key advice that we hope, as a healthcare marketer, you can apply in your B2B marketing journey.

Podcast Highlights With Timestamps

0:19 – Podcast Introduction: Purpose & Guest

1:59 – Karsten Russell-Wood: Career Background & AQUUM

5:49 – Karsten Russell-Wood:  Healthcare Digital Transformation

12:42 – Challenges Healthcare Marketers Face

17:27 – Long Sales Cycles & Nurturing Relationships

20:55 – Karsten Russell-Wood on Digital Twins

25:08 – Building trust In Healthcare Marketing

34: 14 Karsten Russell-Wood’s Final Advice

35: 58 Podcast Subscription 

Building Trust In Healthcare Marketing: Karsten Russell-Wood, Chief Marketing & Experience Officer, EQUUM Medical – Video

Podcast Discussion Summary With Timestamps

0:19 – Podcast Introduction: Purpose & Guest

The podcast begins with a welcoming note from the host, Adam Turinas. He highlights the purpose of the podcast then welcomes the guest speaker,  Karsten Russell-Wood, the Chief Marketing & Experience Officer at EQUUM Medical

1:59 – Karsten Russell-Wood: Career Background & AQUUM

Karsten shares how as a fresh graduate, his career began with the designing of incredibly meaningful medical devices and later got interested in the data technology sector where they focus on informatics and telehealth

He also talks of how his curiosity prompted him to share time with providers and clinicians to fully understand what delivering care means.

Karsten then explains about EQUUM medical customers and their orientation towards health systems.

And so as providers, they offer telehealth-enabled providers services across many different service lines to health systems

He explains that their customers are from different segments which basically, enables them to operate as a:

  • Service provider
  • Physician service provider
  • Digital provider company/Telehealth technology company

5:49 – Karsten Russell-Wood On Digital Transformation

Karsten then provides valuable information on the current status of healthcare digital transformation.

His insights cover the following:

  • How healthcare organizations have been transformed
  • The Impact of COVID as a catalyst
  • Adoption of Virtual First as a new Clinical Work Flow
  • Distribution of hospitals services closer to patients

12:42 – The Challenges Healthcare Marketers Face

Based on his marketing experience, Russell-wood highlights some of the challenges that B2B healthcare marketers are confronted with, and strategies they can use to address them.

And so he talks about:

  • The constantly changing systems that require constant changes
  • Need to better understand the market & the changing dynamics
  • Personalization by understanding the specific needs of the customers
  • Organizations have to focus on different themes: Education, safety, human connections, RIO
  • The importance of creating brands within the community
  • Brand differentiation
  • Focusing not just on care delivery but also on care experience 

17:27 – Long Sales Cycles In Healthcare & Nurturing Relationships

Digging deeper into the challenges faced by healthcare marketers, the podcast also touches on:

  • How organizations tend to focus too much on demand Generation
  • Incredibly long sales cycles in healthcare
  • The high number of decision-makers during the buying process
  • How nurturing relationships and expanding over time is critical
  • The difficulty of measuring marketing results especially concerning leads
  • Need to build customers’ trust because it is a critical factor in the purchase decision
  • How current customers are more educated and so able to easily  identify potential vendors

20:55 – Karsten Russell-Wood on Digital Twins

Karsten also talks about Digital Twins technology and some of the approaches that organizations need to embrace.

And so, she talks about:

  • The notion of Digital Twins and the need to test important variables
  • How digital twins can be applied in healthcare  like in oncology – physicians using a mirror of patients
  • Considering model options that will suit your business variables within healthcare such as patient flow
  • Providing information that focuses on customers’ areas of interest
  • Testing different variables in order to work on effective solutions that solve key problems.
  • Gathering information on how people engage with your content in order to assess their needs
  • Need to recognize customers’ problems in order to align their minds to your solutions
  • Building relationships through consistent engagements to keep customers informed and involved

25:08 – Building trust In Healthcare Marketing

Karsten explains some of their brand personalization approaches by discussing the following:

  • Understanding the difference between awareness and availability
  • Continuous Brand Awareness and engagement through distilled content
  • The importance of having a solution to a buying situation
  • Identify and recognize the customers’ problems first before presenting your solution
  • Importance of purposeful & structured messaging that guides customers to your solutions
  • Blending messages that market community services that customers may need

34: 14 – Karsten Russell-Wood’s Advice To Marketers

Lastly, Karsten advises healthcare marketers, on the importance of expanding their knowledge and being able to take key assets in their marketing toolkit and apply them to healthcare.

He then talks of the benefits of being curious by hilariously stating that:

“The more curious we are, the more trouble we get into, the more friends we make, and hopefully the more solutions we can create”

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