B2B healthcare - building an integrated healthcare sales and marketing team

Sales and Marketing Integration in B2B Healthcare

In the video below, Royce Brunson, the Chief Revenue Office at HRS, discusses the integration of Sales and Marketing with Adam Turinas, the CEO & Founder of healthlaunchpad.

During the discussion, Royce highlights some of the brand awareness strategies they use. He also emphasizes the importance of involving customers in brand development.

So, as a healthtech marketer, we hope that the tips and insights in this video will enlighten you as you work towards building your organization’s customer-focused integrated sales and marketing team.

 Sales & Marketing Integration- Video Highlights

In the video, Royce shares valuable lessons on the following:

  1. The Roles of  Sales & Marketing In a B2B Healthcare Organization
  2. Why Sales & Marketing Integration is Critical
  3. Focus Areas: Lead Generation & Retention Teams
  4. Marketing Team & Brand Awareness 

#1. Sales and Marketing – Roles and Functions

Organizations usually treat sales and marketing as two different functions.  As Royce explains, their sales, and marketing work towards common goals which are to:  generate revenue, continue developing brands, and continue to retain clients.

#2. Why An Integrated Sales & Marketing Team?

Secondly, Royce explains that since both of their teams need to continue working together, they have integrated their sales and marketing teams to operate under one umbrella. This strategy, therefore, ensures that they work alongside each other for the common good of the firm.

And so the integration of sales and marketing functions means both teams must closely collaborate with each other.

#3. Collaborative Areas of Focus

More often, you will hear people talking about lead generation and then the pipeline.

Some of the critical questions can be:

  • Where is that lead in the funnel?
  • How does it become a lead or a qualified lead?
  • Where in the pipeline does it develop into a lead?
  • How does it develop throughout the opportunity stages?

#3.1 Marketing Focus: Lead Generation

For most organizations, marketing should contribute about 50% of the pipeline.

So, that is where you ought to focus your marketing efforts which are generally on-demand generation and pipeline generation.

Thit is, therefore, important that you factor in the expenditures for all the resources you need.

Note: Just because the leads have come to the organization, or just because it is somebody that we have identified as being qualified within our ideal customer profile, does not mean the marketing job has been done.

In fact, most of the time, that is when it is just getting started.

Acquisition & Retention Teams

According to Royce, their firm has an Acquisition Team responsible for customer acquisition, and also a customer Retention Team.

And so, the retention team focuses on retaining clients, avoiding churn, and ensuring renewals are happening.

#4. Brand Awareness – Customer Involvement

Some of the brand marketing strategies that your integrated sales and marketing team can collaboratively execute include:

  1. Conducting interviews or podcasts with your partners in order to learn from each other
  2. Involving customers in product development conversations as this helps in boosting sales

 Building An  Integrated Sales & Marketing  Team – Video


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