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Digital Marketing Channel Planning – B2B Full-Funnel Strategy

In a past video, Paul Vandre, Founder & CEO at Cymbal Marketing, shared insights on B2B Digital Marketing Framework. In the video below, Paul responds to healthlaunchpad CEO & Founder, Adam Turinas. He elaborates on how you can implement B2B Full-funnel Digital Marketing Strategy and generate a stream of leads through Channel Mix Planning & multiple-stage Targeting 


The Video Summary – B2B Digital Marketing Channel Planning

The video  covers:

  • Identifying and servicing market audiences at different stages of their journey
  • Understanding the main stages of your target market audience (Funnel Stages)
  • B2B Digital Marketing Channels for targeting different funnel stages.

Digital Marketing – Channel Planning & Targeting

In the video, Paul illustrates how you can approach your digital marketing channel planning using the customer journey funnel as captured below.

#1 Top of The Funnel

how to approach digital marketing channel planning

So, in the above diagram, at the top of the funnel are those in your target audience but they do not know you, do not know your value, or anything about your services.

Paul further explains that it is important at this stage to focus on delivering value.

#2 Middle Funnel

These are target audiences who have nurtured from the top and are now “hand-raisers”. They are a little more ready but include those who are still on the fence or hand-raisers

#3 Bottom Funnel

These are the target market audience who have shown interest such as visiting your site but have not decided to take the necessary action such as filling the lead form or making a purchase.

Targeting Strategy: Retargeting by serving them with ads after they leave your site. This aims at persuading them to return and take the necessary action.

Paul also explains the importance of growing the full funnel instead of focusing on just one aspect. This helps in building a stream of leads that come in and progress throughout the funnel.

He further clarifies why it is less expensive to acquire leads at the top of the channel than at the bottom

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Digital Marketing Channel Planning Video – B2B Full-Funnel Marketing Strategy


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