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Healthcare Startup Podcast Episode 1 – Mental Healthcare Therapy, Nestor Velez, Founder of Sanomind

This is episode 1 of the Healthcare Startup Podcast. This episode features my great friend Nestor Velez.

Nestor is the founder of SANOMIND, a new venture that will improve access to therapy for people suffering from depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues.

In this podcast, Nestor shares his poignant personal story and how it leads to creating a business that is both helping therapists market themselves better and making it easier for people in need to get healthy.

Here is a short excerpt.

You can listen to the full episode and other episodes in the series here.

What is Sanomind

In his own words

“Sanomind is an audio content platform where therapists and psychologists can create content and users and people can consume that content they can listen to the content. There’s a vast array of different topics on the app anywhere from depression, anxiety to relationships, and PTSD.

But the future, of the product and the platform is really going to be a creator marketplace. So similar to Patreon, where podcasters artists, and actors, go on, they put their content out there for people to consume.

You can pay those, those creators, a monthly fee. And it’s a way to support, artists, so we’re doing the same thing, but for therapists psychologists, and counselors.”

“About 15 years ago, I was in a really bad place. And I just didn’t get there overnight, it, it just, it took years to get there. I never went to therapy I never got help, I knew nothing about depression or therapy, so I kind of just went on with life thinking I was just sad until it got really bad and I attempted suicide twice.

And after the second time, I kind of woke up and that morning, something clicked where I said I need to change something. So I started looking into therapy, and the first website I got to was Psychology Today, calm, and I’m searching through therapists and seeing that all these therapists.

“They treat anxiety, depression, and stress, so I started contacting them. And I wasn’t getting many responses back the responses that I did get back.”

Each psychologist told me I don’t take your case, I can refer you to someone else, Sometimes they give me the number and I would call and they would tell me the same thing, other times they would pass my number over to their colleague, but I never got a call.

So that was frustrating and I told myself that why was it that they weren’t calling you back

“But I kind of got really frustrated and angry at you know these psychologists telling me that they don’t take my case when on their profile it said, depression, anxiety suicide ideation suicide and and and their summary said that you know they help people going through these challenging situations.

So, I started going online and looking up information on depression, and anxiety and trying to do a little self-help. I started understanding what I was going through. So that was like an aha moment for me, but there was nothing really helping me get over that hump or kind of a. I guess heal up until one day I came across this new website, that was called YouTube might have been a first or second year, and.”

“And there was a clinical psychologist with tons and tons of videos on depression, anxiety suicide stress, etc.

So I would listen to those every day. And what I do, I just put my headphones in, and I wouldn’t watch the video because it’s just a woman sitting down, talking I would just listen to them.

And I practice everything she said to do daily and I started getting. I started feeling better and I started getting this really this high. And after consuming all her content.

I started looking for more content. That was like it, and I couldn’t find anything. So I kind of I think I worked it out myself because I felt better.

Throughout the years I’ve had ups and downs, but about five years ago I went through another kind of big downtime. So I said well let me go back on YouTube and look for more content.

And I couldn’t find much the only thing I could find was videos that look like remade in the 80s, and there were actors, so it wasn’t a therapist, you know, kind of talking to me through our content.

And I searched and searched and couldn’t find anything. So I thought, well I had this idea back then to create a website where anybody can listen to helpful content from therapists, and now I knew about the tech a little bit more I worked at a couple of startups so I decided to try and build it myself”


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