No one is tougher to market to than healthcare

Sales take longer and customers are harder to engage

We can help

Account-Based Marketing for Healthcare

Optimize your marketing strategy and develop an effective ABM plan.

  • Gaining insight about customers, developing engagement strategies
  • Building targeting strategies and sales/marketing alignment
  • Creating pilot and deployment plans

Brand Strategy and Marketing Optimization

Improve the effectiveness of your marketing strategy and programs.

  • Analytical assessment of your marketing strategy, process, and operations
  • Develop long-term improvement roadmap
  • Optimize campaigns and tactics

Content, Digital and ABM Programs

"Level up" your marketing and implement business-building programs.

  • Converting customer insight into a planning foundation
  • Content, digital and influencer marketing
  • 1:1, 1:Few and 1:Many ABM Programs

US Healthcare Market Entry Strategies

Validate the opportunity and plan your entry. Find customers.

  • Investigating and assessing the opportunity
  • Creating a Go-To-Market Plan and "testing the waters"
  • Piloting, generating deal flow, getting ready to scale

We Work With Clients Like These

Why We Started healthlaunchpad

"Building a business in healthcare is incredibly hard. We know this first-hand. You have to understand what specific needs you can meet and how you can reach the people in healthcare who need what you offer. And reaching these people can seem impossible. We started healthlaunchpad to help you overcome these problems, grow your sales and your career." 

Case Study: How a New Brand Strategy Helped Bluestream Health Increase Sales Velocity

Webinar: How To Plan For A Successful ABM Program

December 1st at 1:00 pm ET

Account-based Marketing (ABM) is becoming the way to market to healthcare customers.

As you prepare for a big 2022, we want to help you
ramp up your ABM programs with this 1-off
workshop that will provide you with a strategic framework to really improve the way you use ABM.

If you are just starting out with ABM, this is a
must-not-miss session.

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Healthcare Technology Sales and Marketing Learning Center

Our mission is to make Healthtech Sales and Marketing Learning Center, the premiere account-based marketing educational resource for healthteck sales and marketing execs.

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What Clients Say

Danny Scalisi

Daniel Scalisi

Chief Growth Officer,
Bluestream Health

“We have been working with the healthlaunchpad team for a year now and they deliver! They are an integral part of our team. What sets them apart is deep experience in selling technology to healthcare, strong strategic insight and really strong digital work, especially in content, SEO and ABM.“

Ben Person

VP Global Marketing, Nuvolo

"I have really enjoyed partnering with Adam and  healthlaunchpad over the past few years as we’ve looked to grow awareness in the healthcare market and refine our healthcare marketing strategy. Adam brought his deep experience in healthcare marketing especially for the c-suite and gave us guidance around how to position our message, define the overall healthcare marketing plan and most importantly how to elevate our brand to show that we are thought leaders in healthcare.”

Sandra Powell-Elliott

VP Life Sciences Innovation

Hackensack Meridian Health

"Adam has the hands-on experience in what it takes to build a successful healthcare technology business. He is a strategic thinker who gets the healthcare market and a great advisor to anyone trying to grow their healthcare business."

Book a Growth Call

Get objective feedback and advice on your sales and marketing challenges

Our goal in this session is to get to know you, understand  your challenges and provide immediate suggestions.

In this 30-minute call, we will listen to what you are working on and what's stopping you from achieving your goals.  We will give you objective advice, refer you to articles from our resource library or connect you with members of our community who can help.

Latest Blog Posts

June 20, 2022

One of the sexiest things in Account-based marketing (ABM) is intent data. I am a bit of an ABM intent data fan-boy and have written about it quite a lot on my blog. Most of my posts have been short video snippets, so I thought it was time to write a more comprehensive post on

How to Use ABM Intent Data in Healthcare

June 13, 2022

As a long-time Hubspot user, I used to be frustrated about how clunky this platform is for Account-based Marketing (ABM). They have made some great strides in this area. I was going to write a spot about this but then realized that my partners at Smarketers had already written an excellent post on how to

Guest Post: How to Leverage Hubspot for Account-based Marketing

June 6, 2022

In this post, I will share the ABM Marketing Template we use. In fact, it’s actually a collection of tools and templates that support our ABM process.  Account-based marketing is becoming an increasingly important strategy for B2B marketers. We recommend it to all B2B marketers for a wide range of reasons. For many, it is

Useful Tools: The ABM Marketing Template

June 5, 2022

In our previous podcast, we shared how you can transform your stakeholders into Health Care Event promoters. In this podcast, Nick Kagal, VP of  Marketing at SpinSci Technologies discusses their approach to partnership building. He also explains how they collaborate with their partners at events.

Healthtech Marketing Podcast – Marketing With Partners Nick Kagal, VP of Marketing SpinSci Technologies

May 31, 2022

Brand positioning is the cornerstone of a good marketing strategy. It is a single-minded statement that defines who you are, who you serve, what value you provide them, and why you are different. Your brand positioning is axel that your marketing communications’ wheel spins around. Some Brand Positioning Examples Here are a couple of good

How to Create a Good Brand Positioning

May 17, 2022

Over the last few months, I have spoken with many healthtech executives about how their B2B marketing strategies have changed over the last three years.

Being More Customer-centric in B2B Marketing