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Validate the opportunity and plan your entry. Find customers.

Account-Based Marketing for Healthcare

Optimize your marketing strategy and develop an effective ABM plan.

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"Level up" your marketing and implement business-building programs.

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Why We Started healthlaunchpad

"Building a business in healthcare is incredibly hard. We know this first-hand. You have to understand what specific needs you can meet and how you can reach the people in healthcare who need what you offer. And reaching these people can seem impossible. We started healthlaunchpad to help you overcome these problems, grow your sales and your career." 

How Bluestream Health Launched a New Competitive Positioning and A New Product Line.

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Healthcare Technology Sales and Marketing Learning Center

Our mission is to make Healthtech Sales and Marketing Learning Center, the premiere account-based marketing educational resource for healthteck sales and marketing execs.

What Clients Say

Jon Samsel

VP Global Marketing, Verimatrix

"Adam Turinas and his team at healthlaunchpad and are an exceptional healthcare marketing consultancy. They have a keen pulse on the ever-evolving medtech market, they are well-connected to today’s movers and shakers, and they deliver professional-grade strategy plus tactical deliverables – on time and within budget."

Ben Person

VP Global Marketing, Nuvolo

"I have really enjoyed partnering with Adam and  healthlaunchpad over the past few years as we’ve looked to grow awareness in the healthcare market and refine our healthcare marketing strategy. Adam brought his deep experience in healthcare marketing especially for the c-suite and gave us guidance around how to position our message, define the overall healthcare marketing plan and most importantly how to elevate our brand to show that we are thought leaders in healthcare.”

Sandra Powell-Elliott

VP Life Sciences Innovation

Hackensack Meridian Health

"Adam has the hands-on experience in what it takes to build a successful healthcare technology business. He is a strategic thinker who gets the healthcare market and a great advisor to anyone trying to grow their healthcare business."

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Get objective feedback and advice on your sales and marketing challenges

Our goal in this session is to get to know you, understand  your challenges and provide immediate suggestions.

In this 30-minute call, we will listen to what you are working on and what's stopping you from achieving your goals.  We will give you objective advice, refer you to articles from our resource library or connect you with members of our community who can help.

Latest Blog Posts

September 27, 2022

Yup, it’s here again. The R word. There are a million blog posts with advice on how to best prepare for the coming Recession. Many of them will tell you a recession is the best time to invest in marketing. This is true, but it’s also the worst best piece of advice anyone can give

The Four A’s to Weather the Coming Downturn

September 12, 2022

This is part 2 in answering the question, what is ABX? In part 1, we explained the problems that ABX addresses. In part 2, we go into what ABX is, but first, why is ABM so effective? Why ABM Is Taking Hold There are many definitions of Account-based Marketing. In our view, ABM is about

What is ABX? Part 2 Why ABX is the Answer

September 10, 2022

“Living among gorillas” is an expression you will hardly come across when it comes to healthcare marketing. But you will in this podcast. Talking to Adams Turinas, the CEO & Founder of healthlaunchpad, Dean Browell, Ph.D. , an ethnographer and Chief Behavioral Officer of Feedback, reveals how their innovative ethnographic firm relies on customers’ insights.

Healthtech Marketing Podcast – The Power of Ethnography, Dean Browell, Ph.D.

September 6, 2022

If you are a B2B marketer, you have undoubtedly heard about Account-based Marketing (ABM). This has been around for a while and is becoming THE way to market for B2B firms. ABM is evolving. The next phase in the evolution is Account-based Experience or ABX. In many ways, it is more than an evolution, it’s

What is Account-Based Experience(ABX)? Part 1 – Overcoming Barriers

August 28, 2022

Effective content marketing starts with brilliantly written content, but that’s only half the battle. Content is the fuel that keeps your marketing engine going. How you market this content is just as important. In this post, I will share healthtech content marketing ideas we use to help our clients boost the effectiveness of their content

11 Healthtech Content Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Business

August 24, 2022

In this post, I will describe how we create an ABM Playbook. This is our method for defining your account-based marketing plan. This is typically done over 4-6 weeks through multiple collaborative workshops with our clients.  These workshops are where we learn about your business and share ideas, insights, and experiences from other projects. We

How to Create an ABM Playbook For Healthcare