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How To Engage Influencers

Learning how to engage influencers can be one of the most effective ways to build your authority. But how do you do it well? I know from personal experience that it works brilliantly but it takes a lot of hard work and there are some unique techniques to master.

Engage Influencers – Hear From The Experts

Over the last couple of weeks, we have run two events where we had the privilege to hear from four experts on how to develop content that builds your authority, how to find influencers, and then how to use your content to build relationships and leverage their network.

We ran a webinar and panel with Casey Meehan, CEO of Epic Presence, Erin Farrell-Talbot, killer PR pro, and Julie Dye, an expert in MedTech PR and influencer marketing.

In addition, my good friend and up-and-coming marketing superstar, Rodney Hu shared a technique he has developed. It is especially relevant for startups.

Webinar Recording – Engaging Influencers Through Killer Content

How do you use content to build your authority with influencers and generate sales?

In his webinar, Casey shared how a more journalistic approach to content marketing, helps gain credibility, build back-links more easily and make meaningful connections with people who will reinforce your authority.  

Casey’s firm, Epic Presence has created over 2,000 long-form posts and articles for companies all over the world.  In his webinar, Casey Meehan shares what he has learned about the process behind their influencer-based content marketing model.

In this webinar recording you will learn how to:

  • Leverage true SMEs to turn your blog into a crossroads of all of the conversations in your space
  • Learn how to get exclusive quotes from influencers in your market consistently
  • Build authority (from an SEO perspective as well as a real-world perspective)
  • Learn how to do influencer outreach the right way

A panel of Experts Discusses Tricks and Tips on How to Engage Influencers

Following the webinar, Erin, Casey, and Julie fielded questions from the audience. It was a terrific discussion. I joined in too.

Erin Farrell Talbot has more than 25 years of public relations experience with firms ranging from start­ups to Fortune 100 companies. Having held key roles in corporate communications departments and public relations agencies, she has developed keen insights and perspectives as a communications and media relations strategist.

Julie is the founder of Marketing Dx, a marketing consultancy that helps medical devices and other companies in the healthcare ecosystem reach healthcare professionals, patients, and caregivers. She is also the creator and co-host of The Morning Fix podcast presented by 510k Café, a resource for Medtech marketers

We discussed how to engage healthcare influencers including some lessons on what not to do as well as what works best. We even got into a deep discussion about gated content, ABM, and using intent data.

Here is the panel discussion:

3 Secrets to Growing Your Authority With Rodney Hu

Rodney Hu is the founder of Digital 209 and is the creator of the awesome Healthtech Hustle podcast.

In this webinar, he shares how to become an authority through collaboration with others who reach your audience, how to get your target audience’s attention and how to develop a content strategy, and create and repurpose killer content. Lastly, how to convert attention into the business through a Trojan Horse approach

Watch His Webinar Now

If you are interested in any of our other educational webinars, check out this post.


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