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Blog Posts on ABM Strategy

abm intent data spikes

How to Use ABM Intent Data in Healthcare

One of the sexiest things in Account-based marketing (ABM) is intent data. I am a bit of an ABM intent data fan-boy and have written about it quite a lot on my blog. Most of my posts have been short video snippets, so I thought it was time to write a more comprehensive post on

Hubspot for Account based marketing

Guest Post: How to Leverage Hubspot for Account-based Marketing

As a long-time Hubspot user, I used to be frustrated about how clunky this platform is for Account-based Marketing (ABM). They have made some great strides in this area. I was going to write a spot about this but then realized that my partners at Smarketers had already written an excellent post on how to

ABM Marketing Template

Useful Tools: The ABM Marketing Template

In this post, I will share the ABM Marketing Template we use. In fact, it’s actually a collection of tools and templates that support our ABM process.  Account-based marketing is becoming an increasingly important strategy for B2B marketers. We recommend it to all B2B marketers for a wide range of reasons. For many, it is