Marketing Optimization

B2B Marketing is becoming increasingly complex. There has never been so many choices and the expectations on what marketing will deliver has never been higher. Marketing leaders face tough questions:

  • What can we do to improve our overall marketing performance?
  • What should we do more of, less of, what should we start and what should we stop doing?
  • What new strategies, tactics, should we employ?

It helps to get an objective outside-in perspective, and this is where healthlaunchpad can help. We can help you assess your marketing strategy with a marketing assessment. The output of this is an improvement plan including a detailed audit of your current program, recommendations on how to optimize your current plan, campaigns, processes and capabilities. We use the latest thinking and best practices (e.g. ABM) comnined with deep expertise in marketing to healthcare.

Download the Marketing Self-assessment Tool

If you want to get a jump-start on the process download the self-assessment tool.

Book a call to discuss your goals

Our goal in this session is to get to know you, understand  your challenges and provideimmediate suggestions.

In this 30-minute call, we will listen to what you are working on and what's stopping you from achieving your goals.  We will give you objective advice, refer you to articles from our resource library or connect you with members of our community who can help.

What Clients Say

"Adam Turinas and his team at healthlaunchpad and are an exceptional healthcare marketing consultancy. They have a keen pulse on the ever-evolving medtech market, they are well-connected to today's movers and shakers, and they deliver professional-grade strategy plus tactical deliverables - on time and within budget"

Jon Samsel
VP Global Marketing, Verimatrix

Blogs and Podcasts About Marketing to Healthcare

January 31, 2023

How Much Should You Spend on Marketing? This question is a bit like how long is a piece of string. To help you answer this question, here is a compilation of recent data on B2B Marketing Budget Benchmarks. B2B Marketing

B2B Marketing Budget Benchmarks

December 6, 2022

I have been involved in B2B Marketing for three decades and lived through multiple waves of change in this industry. Normally, I look ahead rather than backward, so I apologize in advance for a self-indulgent trip down memory lane. Looking back, I saw how B2B Marketing had changed dramatically and fast in a relatively short period. Here is my personal story of living that evolution.

B2B Marketing – A Personal History

October 15, 2022

Agile Marketing has rightly been receiving a great deal of attention. For many organizations, it is becoming THE operating model for marketing.
In this post, I will share what Agile Marketing is and how it is implemented at this multi-billion dollar healthcare firm.

Agile Marketing: What It Is, Why Implement It, and How to Do It