My Startup Story

I was recently on iHeart Radio’s Passage to Profit Show on WOR as the Executive Spotlight guest.

I was interviewed on several topics including the story about how I started Uniphy Health with a friend, how we built it up and then what it was like selling the company.

Here’s the clip:

The backstory – Interview Excerpt

“…So this sailing buddy and I were having having breakfast and we’ve been having a chat about health what what’s going on in health care and we just kept talking and kept talking and we’d met for breakfast and about o’clock in the afternoon the people who ran the little diners. Could you please leave.

So my friend and I thought well OK we better start a business here and so we we started initially helping hospitals improve their communications because that’s kind of my background and you know it sort of it fit him with what he was doing as well. And after about six months we thought hmm I wonder if there’s an app for this. So he came up with this idea and we pitched it to one of the CEO of a hospital in New Jersey and he said you know what. You build that thing I’ll buy it.

And so we did we got some developers and about six months later we came back I said OK. We built it. And so he very kindly sort of stuck to stuck to his word he did buy it. He did. Right. Well initially he did try it. So he actually we tried it out on about 30 doctors and after a month we couldn’t take it off them. They loved it. And that’s quite a difficult thing actually. You know I’ve been involved in technology and a lot of industries but in medicine doctors have had a lot of technology rammed down their throats…

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Adam Turinas

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