Develop your Post-COVID-19 Growth Plan 
in 3 easy steps

Get Your Strategic Planning Kit

Our goal is to equip you to take action and accelerate out of the curve as the COVID-19 crisis passes. Here’s how it works:

Step 1 – Pick your strategic themes

After reviewing the seven themes below, pick which ones you can make a difference in? We suggest you don’t pick more than two and mastering just one may be the better course to take.

Step 2 - Score yourself against the Strategic Options

Once you have picked your strategic theme, use the Strategic Options sheet to determine which strategies to focus on. This spreadsheet provides you with a long list of strategies within each theme. You can brainstorm more strategies and add them to the sheet as you come up with them. The sheet is designed to help you evaluate which strategies are best for you to pursue by making it easy to give each a score. Once you have your top 3-5 strategies, it’s time to develop a game plan

Step 3 – Develop your strategic action plan

Now you have a priority list of strategies to pursue, it’s time to turn this into a plan. The Strategic Planning Template is a simple step by step framework to help you create a game plan. Take your top three strategies and try it out.

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