Everything ABM Everywhere All At Once (an interview with Terminus CMO, Natalie Cunningham)

So today’s post has nothing to do with the Oscars, a woman trying to do her taxes, or the multiverse, but it has everything to do with ABM. Actually, it has to do with everything about how a really smart person views ABM. That really smart person is Natalie Cunningham, CMO of Terminus, a leading ABM platform.

I sat down with Natalie last week to talk about all things ABM. You can view the whole interview at the bottom, but to save you some time, here are some super sharp insights from Natalie.

ABM Is About Efficient Growth

In this excerpt, Natalie explains that one of the reasons ABM is booming is that it both delivers better results and is a more efficient model than traditional B2B Marketing. In Natalie’s view, as the business world shifts from growth at all costs to predictable and profitable growth, ABM is a must-do.

What Does a Typical ABM Journey Look Like

While every firm’s journey is different, a recurring pattern exists in how firms adopt ABM. Here Natalie describes the adoption journey, from proving the value and educating the team. Then expand into the whole sales and marketing team, and, eventually, to how you use ABM to retain and grow existing customers.


One of the hardest things for non-ABM users to picture is how it’s possible to personalize how you can market in a more personalized way. In this excerpt, Natalie explains how firms can execute more personalized marketing, starting with account insights based on intent data.

Marketing to your Current Customers

Almost half of all ABM marketing is targeted at current customers. The misperception is that it’s mostly about more targeted marketing to acquire new customers. In this segment, Natalie explains how to use ABM principles to retain and grow your customers.

What the Heck is GTM?

GTM is all the rage these days. (Personally, I think it’s overused and misused). Natalie provides one of the best definitions of GTM I have heard.

Here is the Full Episode

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