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SEO is Part of the Culture: David Kosloski, Director of Marketing, Avelead

In this Healthtech Marketing podcast, I talk to David Kosloski, the Director of Marketing at Avelead. In the podcast, David explains how their team embraces team culture in SEO content creation.

He provides valuable insights on the approaches they adopt for SEO content, how they measure performance, and some of the results they have so far registered.

This podcast is produced through the partnership of HIMSS and healthlaunchpad

I hope that the podcast will give you valuable and practical insights that will improve your health tech marketing efforts.

The Podcast Highlights With Timestamps

2:21  About Avelead Company

03:16 David Kosloski’s Career Journey

7:19 SEO Content Research Tools

9.24.  Branded & Unbranded Traffic

10:58 How Evelead Approaches Marketing

14: 30 Team Culture In SEO Content Creation

18:57 How Evelead Uses Videos

22:18 The Benefits of SEO Content

23:54 Pillar Content, Cluster Topics, Backlinks, & Traffic

28:38 Evalead’s Marketing Approaches & Team Size

30:16 Everlead’s Lead-Results 

32:30 Evelead’s Content Traffic Results

33:37 David Kosloski’s  Advice

The Healthtech Marketing Podcast  Video 6David Kosloski, Marketing Director, Evelead

Healthtech Marketing  – The Podcast Guest’s Summary Highlights With Time-stamps.

2:21 David Kosloski – Avalead Company

Our podcast guest, David Kosloski, begins by introducing his current company, Avelead ( recently acquired by Streamline Health), as a Saas company that builds solutions for hospitals, and offers a wide range of products.

03:16 David Kosloski – Career Journey

In an interesting revelation, David shares about his long career journey which was characterized by travels, new careers, new cultures, and finally, his digital encounter with SEO content!

 7:19 Importance of SEO Content

In illustrating the importance of SEO content, David K describes SEO as the spine of their company.

He then highlights some of the research tools that you can use to find out what people are searching for so that you only focus on creating relevant and valuable content.

9.24 SEO Content – Branded & Unbranded Traffic

David explains the estimated traffic they get through brand traffic and goes further to explain the role of competition in improving the company’s SEO performance while equating it to a mini-war.

10:58 David Kosloski – Evelead’s  Approach Marketing

Insights on how their company approaches marketing, David explains that he manages a creative team that is open to debate and learning.

So in the podcast, he highlights the following as their 5-Step approach to marketing:

  • Safe and free-thinking environment
  • They should take ownership of those ideas
  • Take Supportive Feedback
  • Learn From The Team
14: 30 How Culture Drives SEO Content 

In the podcast, David Kosloski explains how their SEO content development is based on their team culture which enables members to focus on quality and well-researched content.

18:57 How Evelead Uses Videos In Content 

Regarding how their company uses videos, David highlights that:

  • SEO should be strategic and based on researched data
  • How does their company focus on using Youtube content to boost future SEO Traffic
22:18 David K.  – The Benefits of SEO Content

In the podcast, David discusses how their current SEO content approach has benefited their company in terms of:

  • Identifying unique website visitors
  • Researching & learning more about prospects
  • Referencing prospects that have HubSpot
  • Building trust with prospects and customers
 23:54 SEO Strategic Analysis – Pillar Content, Topic Clusters, Ranking,  Traffic, & Backlinks

David Kosloski also provides valuable insights on the following:

  • How SEO research data can be used to create Topic Clusters or networked content based on a pillar content 
  • How high-performing networked content can positively boost the pillar content traffic
  • The difference between Backlinks and SEO and the importance of not confusing the two terms
28:38 David K.  – Evelead’s Marketing Approaches & Team Size

David further discusses their company’s SEO Content marketing approach and the team that drives it. And so David provides key podcast highlights are on:

  • Inbound & outbound marketing
  • Their total number of marketing areas
  • Internal communication System
  • Shared Resources
  • Number of writers & other staff
30:16 David Kosloski  – Lead-Results, Research-Based Content, & Expectations

David K.  further shares his assessment of Avelead’s results from the time he joined the company. He then provides the following key highlights:

  • The importance of pushing the lead along the funnel in order to register sales
  • How ABM is an important business marketing strategy that should be embraced in order to attract more leads
  • The importance of having a friendly work environment because it’s key to high-quality content development
  • How some of their competitors rely on purchased keywords and his hope for a better future
32:30 Content Traffic Results

Regarding their company’s traffic results, Kosloski shares the following as the key achievements driven by their SEO Content strategy:

  • An increase in their website’s traffic which rose from over 3% to 500%
  • Improvements in clicks from about 20 clicks to over 5,000 clicks
  • Keyword search skyrocketing to 17,000. Also, their authority scores increased  by 800%
33:37 David Kosloski – Life’s Lessons

Finally, based on his experiences, David offers  3 main life lessons which are:

  • The importance of traveling and learning about other people and their cultures
  • The need to leverage debt
  • Learning to be patient

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