The Latest in Using AI to Transform Your Marketing

In the final session of the Healthtech Marketing Summit, Casey Meehan, AI and Marketing specialist and long-time partner of Health Launchpad, took the stage to share his insights on how to harness the power of AI to transform your marketing efforts.

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Casey has a decade of experience running a content marketing agency and a passion for AI that dates back to 2018. Casey has become an expert in integrating AI into various aspects of marketing, from content creation to campaign optimization and decision-making processes.

Casey’s expertise in AI has been instrumental in reshaping how Health Launchpad approaches day-to-day work, boosting productivity. He has also helped develop some unique ways to leverage AI in our ABM practice.

In this session, Casey will guide you through a range of AI applications in marketing, from basic use cases to more advanced techniques. He emphasizes the importance of gathering and organizing source material, drafting, and editing when working with AI tools to ensure the best results. Casey also shares his insights on the most effective AI models for various marketing tasks, such as Google’s Gemini for general use, Anthropic’s Claude 3 for writing, and Perplexity AI for research and fact-checking.

What You Will Learn In This Episode

1. A three-step framework for working with AI: gathering source material, drafting, and editing.
2. How to use AI to generate more effective email responses, saving time and effort.
3. Techniques for creating engaging social media content using AI, including generating buzzwords, trending topics, and novel connections.
4. Best practices for editing AI-generated content, from fact-checking and reducing hallucinations to improving clarity and grammar.
5. Strategies for repurposing AI-generated content across various formats, such as podcast outlines, video scripts, and newsletters.
6. An introduction to AI agents and their potential applications in marketing workflows.
7. Integrating AI into marketing workflows using tools like Zapier, with a practical example of automating email responses.
8. The importance of continuously updating and organizing source material to improve AI-generated content over time.

Casey’s session will comprehensively explain how AI can enhance marketing efforts, boost productivity, and drive better results. By following his practical tips and strategies, marketers can start integrating AI into their workflows and unlock new opportunities for growth and success.

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Posted by Adam Turinas
Posted in Healthtech Marketing Show, Healthtech Marketing Summit on June 4, 2024

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