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Webinar Recording: The Hidden Threat

New Research on the Hidden Threat, Security Vulnerabilities, and Privacy Gaps in Healthcare Apps

Mobile health apps are now being targeted by bad actors

And so in this webinar, we present research by Brian Lawrence from NowSecure on:

  • The security risk profile of over 1,000 healthcare Apps
  • Weaknesses in managing patient privacy
  • How these apps compare to other industries
  • Where the biggest vulnerabilities lie
  • What you can do in order to protect your business

You will be shocked by how many apps send private health information without appropriate security measures.

Neal Michie from Verimatrix dives deeper into the reasons for these vulnerabilities and shares insights on how you can make healthcare apps more secure.

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When it comes to the security of mobile healthcare apps, providers have every reason to be concerned.

According to one study, nearly 40% of healthcare organizations suffered a compromise involving a mobile device in the past year. The same study found that 93% of healthcare professionals think organizations need to take mobile device security more seriously.

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The landscape of connected healthcare is rife with vulnerabilities. According to KLAS, privacy and security are, therefore, the number one concern healthcare providers have around third-party apps.

As more mobile healthcare apps and medical IoT devices burst onto the scene, the attack surface expands exponentially.

What does this mean for app developers in the healthcare space?

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At this critical time when people are working, shopping, learning, and interacting remotely, there is a heightened expectation for proper security and privacy practices.

So, for the last 10 years, we have been on a mission to save the world from unsafe mobile apps.

In helping teams mobilize safely and swiftly, NowSecure is offering free licenses of NowSecure Platform to qualified organizations—6 months free. During the period, the platform will automate mobile app security and privacy testing.

The Hidden Threat Webinar Presenters

brian lawrence

Brian Lawrence Director, Solution Engineering, NowSecure

Lawrence is an expert in mobile app development and security and hence helps the security, and risk teams to create and grow DevSecOps programs.

Further, he helps in building out their toolchains to meet the needs of their business.

Brian has also worked with numerous fortune 1000 enterprises and top mobile-first teams to solve complex problems.

neal michie

Neal Michie, Director, Product Management, Verimatrix

Neal Michie serves as Product Manager for Verimatrix’s Award-winning Code Protection Solutions.

Apart from helping countless organizations instill trust in their IoT and mobile applications, Neal also oversees  Verimatrix’s foundational security products that are relied upon by some of the world’s largest organizations.

Further, Neal champions the need to position security as a top-notch concern for health companies, seeking to elevate code protection to new heights by serving as a sales enabler and brand protector.


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