Webinar and Panel Recording:

How To Use Killer Content To Engage Influencers

How to use content to build your authority

with influencers and generate sales



A highly insightful webinar followed by an interactive panel with three experts

By taking a more journalistic approach to content marketing, you can build credibility in a scalable and profitable way.  You can build links without soul-crushing backlink tactics; you can make real connections with important people in your industry, and ultimately you can sell from a position of authority.  

Epic Presence has created over 2K long-form articles for healthcare and technology companies all over the world. In this webinar, Casey Meehan shares what he has learned along the way, specifically the process behind their influencer based content marketing model currently employed by Salesforce.com and many others.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Leverage true SMEs to turn your blog into a crossroads of all of the conversations in your space
  • Learn how to get exclusive quotes from influencers in your market consistently
  • Build authority (from an SEO perspective as well as a real-world perspective)
  • Learn how to do influencer outreach the right way

Your Presenters and Panelists

Casey Meehan
Founder - Epic Presence

Casey has been in the SEO and Content Marketing industry for longer than he cares to count.  Together with his team of writers, he has built a uniquely scalable approach to content marketing and traffic generation.  This form of content marketing is closer to true journalism than what has commonly become known as content marketing.  Over the past 9 years, it has been tested in nearly every B2B vertical you can think of.  By skillfully researching and sourcing subject matter experts, his team builds credibility and traffic for his roster of tech clients.  He is excited to share what he has learned about this process.


Erin Farrell Talbot
Erin Farrell talbot
Founder Farrell Talbot Consulting

Erin Farrell Talbot has more than 25 years of public relations experience with firms ranging from start­ups to Fortune 100 companies. Having held key roles in corporate communications departments and public relations agencies, she has developed keen insights and perspectives as a communications and media relations strategist.

In her career, Farrell Talbot has been an SVP in Edelman’s technology practice, led the rebranding of the IBM Thinkpad series, was a senior director at Symbol Technologies and has worked with countless C-level executives and thought leaders to tell their stories across various industries.


Julie Dye
Founder - Marketing Dx

Julie is the founder of Marketing Dx, a marketing consultancy that helps medical device and other companies in the healthcare ecosystem reach healthcare professionals, patients and caregivers. She’s led product communication, issues management, patient advocacy and market development programs for clients including Covidien, Bayer, Medtronic, Genzyme and Boston Scientific as well as numerous early-stage companies. 

Julie also worked for Zimmer Spine and Abbott, where she was hired as the first PR professional for the company’s spinal device division. While there, she developed the strategy for and implemented the division’s media relations, employee and executive communication and corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Julie is the creator and co-host of The Morning Fix podcast presented by 510k Café, a resource for medtech marketers


farrell talbot
farrell talbot

Epic Presence is a content marketing agency specializing in the B2B software and technology industry. We conduct research and create long-form technical content that drives organic website traffic, increases brand awareness, and builds lasting partnerships. Epic Presence was founded in 2009, back when B2B content marketing meant keyword-heavy blog posts and spamming LinkedIn contacts. We understood then that there were better ways to build businesses through content. What set us apart back then is why we thrive today: our in-depth research into complex industries, smart writing that genuinely resonates with customers, and strategic outreach that connects content with the right influencers.

Farrell Talbot is not your typical agency or consultant firm. Leading companies and organizations look to us for our deep expertise in various industry that utilize technology – from healthcare and hospitality to manufacturing and the supply chain. We partner with clients to provide well thought out strategies and success driven tactics. The small consulting firm produces the “on-target results” needed to convey key messages to the right influencers to best achieve defined business objectives.

Marketing Dx provides marketing and communication services for organizations in the healthcare ecosystem – industry, payors, providers – and other companies changing the world through science and innovation.

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