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ABM Resources - Planning Tools and Templates

  • ABM Experiment Design Framework (Word) Download
  • ABM Pilot Project Planner (Excel) Download
  • ABM Kickstart Workshop Presentation (PDF) Download
  • Persona Example (Word) Download
  • Creative Brief Example (Word) Download
  • ABM Series Recordings (Website) View
  • 2021 Healthcare Tech Marketing Survey (PDF) Download
  • Foundations of ABM for Healthcare (PDF) Download
  • Best Practice In Targeting (PDF) Download


ABM is becoming a high priority for healthtech marketers.

Together, healthlaunchpad and HIMSS created this 6-part educational series exclusively for healthtech marketers. This includes research, fundamentals of ABM, best practice in targeting, campaign planning, many examples and the future of ABM.

Instructions on how to use the ABM Pilot Project Planner 

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