AI Marketing Enablement

Coaching Program

AI Coaching Program


  • Elevate marketing strategies with AI-driven insights and automation.
  • Stay ahead of the curve with the latest AI trends, tools, and best practices.


  • Bi-weekly sessions led by AI expert Casey Meehan.
  • Each session includes an in-depth review of the latest AI tools and breakthroughs backed by extensive research.

Step 1: Schedule AI Readiness Assessment

  • Identify knowledge gaps
  • Pinpoint key areas for AI improvement
  • State of the industry update

Step 2: Customize Your Plan

  • Choose from the following sessions
  • Supplement these with custom sessions tailored to your unique questions and business needs.

Session Topics Include:

AI and Market Research

AI and the Buyer Journey

AI for USP & Positioning

AI for Blog / Email Content

AI for Sales Enablement

Process Automation with LLMs

Retraining vs. Vector DB

Sales Copywriting with AI

Evaluate Your Org Chart with AI

AI for Negotiation

Automated Case Studies with AI

Session Topics Include:

AI for Video Content

AI for Social

AI for Ad Copy

Custom GPTs (Beginner)

Custom GPTs (Advanced)

Creating Software with AI

Best Practices for Keeping Up with AI

AI for Strategy and Decision Making

GitHub Basics for AI

Brainstorming and Innovation with AI

New topics added frequently…

Meet Your Instructor - Casey Meehan

Marketing Experience

For the past 10 years, Casey Meehan has led an agency of ~15 content marketing experts. He has been the lead strategist on over 100 marketing campaigns for tech companies worldwide. These projects include one of's most successful content marketing campaigns and helping multiple early-stage startups reach unicorn status.

AI and Machine Learning

With the introduction of GPT2 in early 2019, Casey began researching AI and machine learning in earnest. This work included training several custom neural nets and collaborating with world-class machine-learning experts. In 2020, he recruited a leading data scientist (Wenchang Qian) and invested heavily in training models to understand and predict content marketing performance.

Current Research Protocol

Casey dedicates 20 to 30 hours each week to meticulously researching, rigorously testing, and innovatively experimenting with the latest AI tools. Following each session, he distills his findings, providing insights only on the most valuable tools and emerging trends in this rapidly evolving domain.

Custom Session Topics

In addition to the topics covered in the first few sessions, Casey is excited to tailor this program to your unique needs.

If you would like to learn more, you can schedule a call