Customer-driven ABM-based Healthtech Digital Marketing and More

It All Comes Down to How Buyers Buy

Our team’s combined centuries of healthtech experience gives us unique insights into how buyers make buying decisions, and we’ve distilled these into a methodology we call Total Customer Growth. 

We will work with you to develop a buyer-driven strategy, help you generate demand, improve your messaging, create new content, and deliver better healthtech digital marketing.

And by the way, we have helped more than 30 clients overcome the challenges of marketing and selling to healthcare organizations.

From Strategy Through Execution

Health Launchpad brings deep healthtech marketing talent, a fine-tuned ABM (account-based marketing) process, customer-driven growth strategies, and the right technology to execute and optimize campaigns.

Customer-driven Strategies

See results now while reimagining how you market long term. Our Total Customer Growth approach reveals how your buyers buy – and how we can accelerate the sales cycle with better healthtech digital marketing.



Don’t tell anyone, but ABM is our superpower. We wrote the book – well, a book – on it. So if you’re ready to get started, but not sure how, congratulations! you’ve come to the right place.

Intent-based Demand Generation

We’ve built an end-to-end healthcare growth engine. Our advanced ABM platform includes third-party intent data and creates demand via targeted messaging and content to create demand and generate leads.

4-Corner Inbound Engine

Content + SEO + Social Media + Partnerships = Success. It's our proprieatry approach to healthtech digital marketing. It's how we built our business, and it works. 


Health Launchpad is like having an in-house healthtech digital marketing  team on tap. Access our demand generation, content marketing, paid search and social, SEO, PR, event planning services.


We’ll help you optimize how your marketing, sales and customer success teams operate, improve your processes and performance, create playbooks, and upskill your team.

What Our Clients Say

Peter Doulas

"We love Health Launchpad's marketing as a service model. It’s not like a typical agency. They truly act like an extension of our team. We get strategic advice based on deep knowledge of the healthcare market. They have a very sound methodology based on ABM principles. The work is excellent and based on real customer insight."

Peter Doulas, CEO


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