It's like having a full-scale in-house marketing department on tap whenever you need it

What you get with Marketing-as-a-Service

  • Deep knowledge about how to sell to healthcare organizations
  • Proven expertise in different critical B2B marketing skills, especially ABM and digital marketing strategy
  • All the necessary digital marketing services, skills and capabilities
  • Support tailored to your budget

The healthlaunchpad team is a network of talented and expert consultants, all with healthcare experience. From them, we assemble a team dedicated to your specific digital marketing services needs.

And we have no offices, no full-time operations staff, so no overhead. Your budget is put to work generating results, not wasted on unnecessary overhead.

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What Our Clients Say

Peter Doulas

"We love healthlaunchpad’s marketing as a service model. It’s not like a typical agency. They truly act like an extension of our team. We get strategic advice based on deep knowledge of the healthcare market. They have a very sound methodology based on ABM principles. The work is excellent and based on real customer insight."

Peter Doulas, CEO


Our Digital Marketing Services

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Each long-term relationship is led by a fractional Chief Marketing Officer who has spent decades on the front lines of sales and marketing and has deep experience in healthcare technology. These are executives you would normally find leading marketing for multi-billion dollar organizations.

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Brand Marketing

Many agencies are great at creating brand marketing but how many really get the healthcare market and what it takes to sell to technology to healthcare organizations? At healthlaunchpad, we  excel at solving brand and marketing problems for healthtech companies and translate this into winning strategy. Check out our case studies.

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ABM is becoming THE way to market to healthcare organizations. Implementing ABM best practices is baked into everything we do. This includes building Target Account Lists, implementing Intent Data tools, creating a winning digital marketing strategy, and reaching out to highly targeted prospects via LinkedIn and email. 

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Market Entry

The US Healthcare market is $4 Trillion opportunity, but it's an incredibly hard market to enter successfully. We speak from experience, having launched multiple healthcare technology and services businesses. We can help you mitigate the risks, enter the market successfully, and even help you get your first customers. We do this through a battle-tested methodology, we have used for our own businesses and our clients.

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Creating great content for healthtech buyers is not easy. You have to excel at creating engaging content, you have to understand the unique characteristics of healthcare buyers, and you have to be adept at coming to grips with deeply technical issues. The healthlaunchpad content marketing team excels at this. It’s all we do, and we do a lot of it.

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Social Media

We all know that social media has the potential to be an incredibly powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. The problem is that most companies struggle to do it well. Social Media is a special passion at healthlaunchpad. We have built our own business through the use of social media and creating social networks. Let us teach you how to do it. Everything we do is grounded in customer insight, deep experience in social media, and digital marketing strategy.

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Digital Martketing Servicees and Strategy

Your digital marketing strategy is critical. Paid search and social, along with sponsored media programs can be some of the biggest expenses. You can waste a lot of money with a partner who doesn’t fully understand the healthcare market. The digital marketing team at healthlaunchpad combines deep experience in demand generation AND in selling to healthcare.

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Search Engine Optimization

An effective SEO program could be one your greatest marketing assets. The fact is, very few companies do it well, and honestly most agencies just pay it lip service. At healthlaunchpad, we are obsessed with SEO and it has been critical in our own growth. Let us show you how to do it well.

Webinar Marketing and Virtual Events

In the last few years, Using virtual events, especially webinars have proven to be one of the most important parts of a digital marketing strategy. We LOVE webinars and run webinars monthly for our own business. We constantly create, host and market webinars for our clients all the time. Can we do one for you?

A Few Examples of What We do

You can find more examples of content we have created here.

How can we help you?

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