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Marketing to healthcare is hard. We can all use a little help. Join us for the Healthtech Marketing Show to learn from the experts. Each episode features an experienced healthcare technology marketing leader who shares tips, insights and how to’s on a specific topic. Episodes include B2B marketing, HIT Marketing trends, ABM, brand strategy, digital and content marketing and more.

We are always looking for new topics. If you are interested in being included, please email me at adam@healthlaunchpad.com

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Latest episodes of the Healthtech Marketing Show

Transforming Your Organization for Social Selling

On a recent episode of The Healthtech Marketing Show, I sat down with social selling expert Tim Hughes, author of Social Selling Techniques to ChangeMakers. With 25 years of enterprise B2B sales experience and a history of rolling out social

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The Evolving Healthcare IT Buyer Journey: New Research and Insights

HIMSS recently conducted an insightful study on the evolving healthcare IT (HIT) buyer journey to understand how HIT purchase decisions are made in today’s complex healthcare environment. The research was presented for the latest The Healthtech Marketing Show Live. This included insights from a panel of healthcare marketing experts, including Matt Carollo (HIMSS), Kaycee Kalpin (Premier Inc), Karsten Russell-Wood (Equum Medical), and your truly, as host Adam Turinas (healthlaunchpad).

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Separating Signal from Noise: Understanding Healthcare Analysts

Industry analysts play a vital role in healthcare technology, helping buyers navigate an increasingly complex vendor landscape. In this episode of the Healthtech Marketing Show, John Moore III, Managing Partner of Chilmark Research, lends his perspective as a veteran analyst to elucidate the value firms like his provide. Read on for John’s insights on the role of healthtech analysts.

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The Changing Buyer Journey: Key Insights for Healthcare B2B Marketers

The B2B buyer journey has become increasingly complex, with buyers conducting more self-directed research before engaging with vendors. Marketers must rethink their strategies to attract and influence prospective buyers in this environment. Fresh research from Endeavor Business Media’s annual B2B

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Using AI to Transform the Marketing Team – An update from Casey Meehan

In the latest episode of the Healthtech Marketing Show, I chatted with Casey Meehan about the continual developments in generative AI. We first spoke with Casey about Generative AI last year with a heavy focus on content marketing, and so

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Health Tech Trends for 2024: Key Takeaways from My Conversation with Healthcare IT News’ Mike Miliard

I recently had the pleasure of hosting Mike Miliard, Executive Editor at Healthcare IT News, on the inaugural live video session of the Health Tech Marketing Show podcast. We covered a lot of ground discussing the major healthcare IT trends shaping up for 2024. 

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What’s Up with Cookies?

In this episode of the Healthtech Marketing Show, host Adam Turinas interviews digital marketing expert Paul Vandre on what is happening in 2024 with cookies: What cookies are, the differences between first and third-party cookies, and Why major browsers like Google Chrome are phasing out third-party cookies.

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Using AI for Sales Enablement

In this episode of the Healthtech Marketing Show, healthlaunchpad principal Bob Blount discusses how artificial intelligence (AI) tools like Claude and ChatGPT are transforming sales enablement by helping sales teams craft more personalized and relevant messaging for prospects. 

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Health Tech Marketing Trends 2024

Health Tech Marketing Trends 2024

As we wrap up 2023 and look ahead to 2024, it’s worth reflecting on some of the key trends impacting marketing for health tech companies. In this week’s Healthtech Marketing Show, I share my thoughts on Health Tech Marketing Trends

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B2B Marketing Webinars

B2B Webinars That Work: Expert Tips and Best Practices

Webinars remain a staple B2B marketing channel for quality lead generation and driving sales pipeline growth. But how can you ensure your virtual events actually deliver results? To unpack webinar best practices, I recently hosted my awesome colleague Hannah Drake Kelley on the Healthtech Marketing Show, where she shared tips from first-hand success running high-converting webinars.

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Digital health market

Making Sense of the Rollercoaster in the Digital Health Market

Digital health has been on a wild ride over the past few years. After a frenzied boom with sky-high valuations and investor enthusiasm, 2023 saw the wheels come off for many companies. I sat down with digital health legend Matthew Holt to make sense of it all and see what’s next for the industry.

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The Impact of ChatGPT on Content Marketing – Casey Meehan

Unless you have been hiding under a rock in the last six months, you will be aware that ChatGPT is a big deal. It affects marketing in many ways, not least content marketing. Generative AI has been making a gradual impact on Content Marketing for a few years. ChatGPT 4 could be transformative. If you are a content marketer concerned about the impact, fear not generative AI can give you superpowers, but you have to take action to master it.

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All About Social Selling – Anita Windisman, Bluesquare Collective

In this episode of the Healthtech Marketing Podcast, I interviewed Anita Windisman, a LinkedIn and social selling guru. Anita is a confounder of Blue Square Collective. She is a very highly regarded expert in social selling. At Blue Square, she helps companies master digital and social selling. Before founding, Blue Square was a Customer Sucess leader with LinkedIn in Europe.

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The Partnerships Episode – Jenna Chambers and Brittany Jones

In this episode, we are doing something a little unusual, and we have two terrific guests today in this special episode on partnerships. This is a deep dive into the whole area of sales and marketing partnerships.
We dive into how both companies leverage partnerships for growth and delivery, the strategic importance of partners, especially in customer success, how they find, qualify and engage partners, what makes a successful partnership and more.

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Everything ABM Everywhere All At Once (an interview with Terminus CMO, Natalie Cunningham)

If you are looking for an excellent way to understand ABM, what it is, how it works, and what it can do for your business, listen to one of the clearest voices on the power of ABM, Natalie Cunningham, CMO of Terminus.

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digital health adoption

What It Will Take for Digital Health Adoption To Happen, Dr Nick Patel, Digital Health Transformation Health Expert

Dr. Nick Patel is a highly accomplished physician, healthcare executive, and a well-known expert on digital transformation. In 2021 and 2022, he was recognized by Beckers Hospital Review as one of the 50 innovative chief digital officers to know.  
If you care about digital health adoption, you will want to watch this episode.

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ABM Journey

An ABM Journey – Kelly McDermott, CMO of Caregility

Over the last two years, Kelly McDermott, Chief Marketing Officer of Caregility, has guided this leading virtual care firm through the ABM journey. They have transformed the way they market to a full-scale ABM model. I interviewed Kelly for the latest episode of the Healthtech Marketing Podcast. It was a highly insightful conversation about what it takes to transition an organization to ABM.

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simon rost healthtech marketing podcast

B2B Healthtech Marketing Podcast – Use of Social Media at Scale – Simon Rost, Marketing Executive, GE Healthcare, Europe

Effective use of social media at scale for large B2B organizations is a big challenge. In this podcast, Simon Rost, the Marketing Executive of GE Healthcare, Europe, explains how their global healthcare technology firm has mastered this.

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Start-up Journey Podcast - Daniel Pluard

Healthtech Marketing Podcast – The Start-up Journey – Daniel Pluard, CEO of Intely

In this podcast that’s brought to you in partnership with HIMMS, Daniel Pluard, the CEO of  Intely,  a healthcare interoperability Start-up, shares about their low-code/no-code approach to tackling  highly complex issue in  automation workflows

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david fortino- healthechmarketing podcast

Healthtech Marketing Podcast – David Fortino, Netline on Content Marketing Insights

In this podcast, Adams Turinas, CEO & founder of healthlaunchpad gets actionable content marketing insights from David Fortino, the Chief Strategy Officer of Netline, a leading  content syndication Platform.

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sunila levi - healthtech marketing guest speaker

Healthtech Marketing Podcast – The Healthcare Technology Buyer’s Perspective – Sunila Levi

In this engaging Healthtech Marketing video podcast, Sunila Levi, a long-time Healthcare Technology Executive with rich experience in different sectors of US healthcare systems, talks about Healthcare Information Technology from the buyer’s perspective.

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Dr. Dean explaining the role of ethnography in healthcare marketing

Healthtech Marketing Podcast – The Power of Ethnography, Dean Browell, Ph.D.

“Living among gorillas” is an expression you will hardly come across when it comes to healthcare marketing. But you will in this podcast. Talking to Adams Turinas, the CEO & Founder of healthlaunchpad, Dean Browell, Ph.D. , an ethnographer and Chief Behavioral Officer of Feedback, reveals how their innovative ethnographic firm relies on customers’ insights.

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Guy Friedman - Strategies for successful pivoting

Healthtech Marketing Podcast – Making a Successful Pivot – Guy Friedman, CEO of SteadyMD.

In this video podcast, Guy Friedman, Co-Founder & CEO of Steady MD,  talks about how they made a successful pivot by creating a network of physicians who are licensed in every state and provide care via telehealth

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Health tech marketing -Lizzy Felciano and Elizabeth Fennell of H1

Approaches To Scaling a Complex Health-tech SaaS Startup – Lizzy Feliciano & Elizabeth Fennell, H1

In this podcast, two veteran marketers in the health-tech space from H1, Lizzy Feliciano( SVP of Marketing) and Elizabeth Fennel (Director of  Integrated Marketing) talk to AdamsTurinas (CEO & Founder of Healthlauchpad) about their approach to building a new and complex SaaS company.

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Interested in ABM? Learn About Account-Based Marketing Strategy Process

Every journey starts with a first step. In ABM, it starts with a sound strategy.

Our approach to Account-Based Marketing Strategy is based on a deep understanding of the Buyer Journey. At healthlaunchpad, we have developed a buyer journey framework based on how buyers truly buy in healthcare from problem-solving, through evaluation and decision, to onboarding, using, expanding use to influencing the purchase decision of others.

In developing your Account-Based Marketing Strategy, we will help you identify in-market accounts who are showing intent, develop ways to engage them, improve how you convert them, and build a plan to grow these into highly profitable long-term customers.

account-based marketing services

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