The 4-Corner Inbound Engine – Our Strategic Secret Sauce

Inbound marketing is the foundation of any B2B Marketing plan. We are passionate believers in the power of inbound marketing, and we eat our own dog food.

Since day 1, we have built our business through a marketing model we have refined over time. We call it the 4-Corner Inbound Engine. This is our approach to inbound marketing services and it works!

It 10X’d our website traffic, had led to winning over 30 clients and millions of dollars in business. It’s maybe what you brought you here.

Inbound Marketing Services on Steroids!

Educational Content



Social Media

There are four components to our approach to inbound marketing services, aka the Four Corner Inbound Marketing Engine.

1. Content: This is the foundation to everything we do. We have a customer-driven approach to creating rock-solid content strategy and a team of rockstar healthcare content creators.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): In B2B marketing, everyone knows that SEO is important, but very few companies do it well. In our experience, this is not a lack of knowledge or resources but a lack of tenacity. SEO is all about being intentional and sticking at it. Lets us show you how.

3. Social Media: You can’t be on LinkedIn and not see our stuff. That’s not an accident. It’s how we amplify our message, build authority and nurture new relationships. We can also show you how to turn your social network into a proprietary business-building network. 

4. Partnerships: The fourth corner is marketing partnerships. For example, we have created educational programs with several leading organizations that have helped extend our reach and benefited our partners through the content we created.

Healthtech Content Engine

Creating great content for healthtech buyers is hard. You have to excel at creating engaging content; you have to understand the unique characteristics of healthcare buyers and you have to be adept at getting to grips with deeply technical issues.

At healthlaunchpad, our superpower is a deep understanding of healthtech buyers. We have real empathy for them because our team have hands-on experience of selling directly to them. They are not abstract personas (although we do use these), they are our friends.

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"Healthlaunchpad was our marketing partner for over two years until we sold our company. Adam and the team were partners in truest sense of the word. They got the job done day in day out and acted with a real sense of accountability in delivering results. They went above and beyond, even introducing us to the right partner in helping us get acquired."

Daniel Scalisi

Chief Growth Officer, Bluestream Health

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