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Healthlaunchpad was founded to help technology firms sell and market to healthcare organizations. We know first-hand how tough this is. Buyers are incredibly hard to reach, and it is a highly competitive market. We specialize in helping clients overcome the barriers to growth with programs based ABM marketing strategies and brand marketing programs.”

Adam Turinas, healthlaunchpad CEO and Founder

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We are committed to one thing: Helping you grow your healthcare business

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ABM and ABX for Healthcare

We help healthcare technology marketing firms move from considering ABM to scaling ABM across their organizations

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Marketing as a Service

It’s like having your own team healthcare technology marketing experts tailored to your size and needs.

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Demand Generation

Our Intent-based Demand Generation approach will help you the right buyers, make them aware and interested in your product or service, and move them toward action.

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Adam's Story

In 2012, after 20+ years in marketing, I founded a healthcare consulting firm, Navio Health. I had zero experience in the healthcare market or healthcare technology, but I was lucky, as my co-founder was a physician who was well-regarded by local healthcare executives. Together, we learned what the hospital executives needed and what their biggest challenges were.

We came up with an idea for a mobile app, Practice Unite and when we pitched it to a local hospital CEO, he told us, "You build that, I will buy it".

That lit the fuse

Within six months, we piloted the first version of our Practice Unite app with thirty physicians. The pilot was a big success and we decided to double down on Practice Unite.

The next seven years were a rollercoaster. We did business with dozens of major healthcare systems. Our apps were adopted by over 70,000 clinicians across 500+ facilities. We raised money. We built a team. We merged with another company and became Uniphy Health. We lived through several near-death experiences but survived. In 2019, we sold Uniphy Health to a strategic buyer, Harris Healthcare.

Building a business in healthcare is incredibly hard. We know this first-hand. You have to understand what specific needs you can meet and how you can reach the people in healthcare who need what you offer. And reaching these people can seem impossible. We started healthlaunchpad to help you overcome these problems.

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