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How we help:

  • Increase sales velocity and start the transition to ABM/ABX with our proven ABM Acceleration process
  • Grow demand with better brand, content, digital, social media and influencer marketing delivered by a team of healthtech experts

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ABM Acceleration

We help healthtech firms move from considering Account-based Marketing to scaling up Account-based Marketing and Account-based Experience (ABX) across their organizations.


Define your ABM/ABX strategy in less than six weeks with the Account-based Marketing Playbook


Generate demand and learn how to get an Account-based Marketing working with a 90-day Pilot


Scale ABM across the organization and see your entire team increase demand and productivity


Transition from ABM to ABX and make your highest value customers even more profitable

Marketing-as-a-Service for Healthtech

Your Team of Healthtech Marketing Team Experts

The full potential of a full-blown in–house marketing team scaled to your needs.

Our expertise includes

ABM and Brand

Brand Strategy


Account-based Marketing Programs

ABM-driven Entry Strategy

Market Entry

ABM Content

Content Marketing

Social Media

Paid Search and


PR & Influencer

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Why healthlaunchpad Was founded

Healthlaunchpad was founded to help technology firms sell and market to healthcare organizations. We know first-hand how tough this is. Buyers are incredibly hard to reach, and it is a highly competitive market. We specialize in helping clients overcome the barriers to growth with programs based Account-based marketing strategies and brand marketing programs.”

Adam Turinas, healthlaunchpad CEO and Founder

ABM Expert

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B2B Marketing – A Personal History

I have been involved in B2B Marketing for three decades and lived through multiple waves of change in this industry. Normally, I look ahead rather than backward, so I apologize in advance for a self-indulgent trip down memory lane. Looking back, I saw how B2B Marketing had changed dramatically and fast in a relatively short period. Here is my personal story of living that evolution.

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November 28, 2022

Healthcare Technology Buyer Insights for 2023

Last month I moderated a HIMSS webinar panel of four senior healthcare technology executives to get their perspectives. They explained the financial realities of healthcare systems, their respective priorities, and what innovations are most interesting to them and advised vendors on how to sell to them.

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Start-up Journey Podcast - Daniel Pluard
November 27, 2022

Healthtech Marketing Podcast – The Start-up Journey – Daniel Pluard, CEO of Intely

In this podcast that’s brought to you in partnership with HIMMS, Daniel Pluard, the CEO of  Intely,  a healthcare interoperability Start-up, shares about their low-code/no-code approach to tackling  highly complex issue in  automation workflows

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