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Serving Today’s (and Tomorrow’s) Healthcare Technology Leaders

Our clients range from high-growth, venture-backed healthcare startups to established global leaders in healthcare technology and services.

From Strategy Through Execution

We bring deep health tech marketing talent, a fine-tuned ABM (account-based marketing) process, customer-driven growth strategies, and the right technology to execute and optimize campaigns.

Customer-driven Strategies

See results now while reimagining how you market long term. Our Total Customer Growth approach reveals how your buyers buy – and how we can accelerate the sales cycle.



Don’t tell anyone, but ABM is our superpower. We wrote the book – well, a book – on it. So if you’re ready to get started, but not sure how, congratulations! you’ve come to the right place.

Intent-based Demand Generation

We’ve built an end-to-end healthcare growth engine. Our advanced ABM platform includes third-party intent data and creates demand via targeted messaging and content to create demand and generate leads.

4-Corner Inbound Engine

Content + SEO + Social Media + Partnerships = Success. It's how we built our business, and it works. Let us show you how to build authority and attract your next customers.


Health Launchpad is like having an in-house marketing department on tap. Access our solutions for demand generation, content marketing, paid search and social, SEO, PR, event planning, even fractional CMOs.


We’ll help you optimize how your marketing, sales and customer success teams operate, improve your processes and performance, create playbooks, and upskill your team.


"The Health Launchpad team has helped us accelerate our ABM journey. In our first year, we successfully piloted ABM with them. We saw positive results and learned enough to take this to the next level. We are now implementing a fully-scaled ABM model including digital advertising and excellent new content. Their approach to ABM is second to none."

Jacobia Solomon EMBA

President, AMN Healthcare Language Services


"We have been experimenting with ABM as an organization for some time. Health Launchpad helped get it moving. They developed a strategy based on deep insights about the buyer collective and created an ABM program to help us engage prospects across a tightly defined set of accounts. Based on their vision for using ABM and the early results achieved, we feel we have a path to scale ABM."

Ross Whittaker

Director North America Marketing


"Health Launchpad was our marketing partner for over two years until we sold our company. Adam and the team were partners in truest sense of the word. They got the job done day in day out and acted with a real sense of accountability in delivering results. They went above and beyond, even introducing us to the right partner in helping us get acquired."

Daniel Scalisi

Chief Growth Officer, Bluestream Health


"Adam and his Health Launchpad team have been excellent team members for building our healthcare vertical. They helped us quickly gain insight directly from prospects to understand where we can add the most value to our healthcare customers. They were also great partners in developing our go-to-market strategy and executing a set of programs that generated strong pipeline. Highly recommend!"

Dan Schreff

VP of Marketing, Cross Screen Media


"Adam Turinas and his team at Health Launchpad and are an exceptional healthcare marketing consultancy. They have a keen pulse on the ever-evolving medtech market, they are well-connected to today's movers and shakers, and they deliver professional-grade strategy plus tactical deliverables - on time and within budget."

Jon Samsel

VP Global Marketing, Verimatrix

Drew Neisser

"We love Health Launchpad's marketing as a service model. It’s not like a typical agency. They truly act like an extension of our team. We get strategic advice based on deep knowledge of the healthcare market. They have a very sound methodology based on ABM principles. The work is excellent and based on real customer insight."

Peter Doulas, CEO


An All-star Line-up

B2B healthcare requires specialized skills and experience. Which is exactly what you can expect from our collective approach: The best ideas, from earth’s top health tech marketing and sales professionals.

Looking to Grow? Lets Talk

Need a new – or optimized – growth strategy? Hey, everyone does.

Thirty minutes, no obligation. We’ll talk about your business, what you’re trying to achieve, how you’re targeting, how you’re engaging prospects, the use of intent data, alignment, measurement and all that goes into an effective ABM program. An especially useful conversation if your ABM program – like many – is stuck or underperforming.

Following this session, we’ll provide – again, at zero cost to you:

  • 2-3 powerful ideas
  • Tools and templates you’ll find useful
  • Relevant articles and videos
  • Recommended ABM services

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