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B2B Healthtech Marketing Podcast – Use of Social Media at Scale – Simon Rost, Marketing Executive, GE Healthcare, Europe

Effective use of social media at scale for large B2B healthtech organizations is a big challenge. In this podcast, Simon Rost, a Marketing Executive with GE Healthcare explains how this global healthcare technology firm has mastered this.

Simon Rost is an insightful marketer with a brilliant perspective on the use of social media at scale. In the below video podcast which is brought to you in partnership with HIMSS, he talks to Adam Turinas, the CEO and founder of healthlaunchpad.

Key Podcast Insights:

  • What GE Healthcare does
  • How GE Healthcare Markets Their Healthcare Solutions
  • How GE Healthcare adapted to the pandemic
  • Approach to Exciting Content Development & Social Media Program
  • How you can scale your marketing globally
  • Simon Rost’s Piece of Advice

Podcast Video: B2B Social Media at Scale – Rose Simon, GE Healthcare

Podcast Summary with Timestamps

01:16 – Introduction – Simon Rost & GE Healthcare

The podcast begins with Simon Rost sharing about his role as the Chief Marketing Office at GE Healthcare and the firm’s global mission as a digital healthcare service provider.

02:38 – Managing & Resources from a Global Perspective

In explaining how their firm manages resources from a global perspective, Simon points out that:

  • They deal with countries based on their country-origin clusters, such as the US, Canada, and China.
  • He sets his team to play four main roles, namely advisory to commercial teams, leadership, customer & business intelligence, and industry relationships
  • He is also responsible for product marketing and value proposition, including content management systems and other sales tools.
  • Apart from a global marketing level, they have a regional level to support their 4-pillar roles.

4:33 – Global Brand Strategy

Further in the podcast, Simon Rost discusses their global brand in terms of:

Global thought leadership and global content that is adapted and translated to suit different marketing regions.

Simon talks about their marketing differentiator strategy, which guides them in distinguishing their value proposition

5:27 – GE Software Marketing Portfolio

In the podcast, Simon also talks about their Software portfolio and some of the problems their firm is solving through the timely provision of relevant healthcare data.

Simon points out that their firm focuses on ensuring that their customers spend time where it’s most valued by providing the right and relevant healthcare data.

9:02: Time Spent in Growing Business with Existing Customers

With their massive global footprint and multiple divisions, Simon explains how:

  • He spends a significant amount of time fueling their firm’s growth engine
  • He spends about 60 to 70%) of his marketing time growing business and adding value to existing customers.
  • They have different stakeholders with specific but well-coordinated roles
  • Their buying differs slightly from others

12:26 – Simon Rost – Pandemic Impact & Use Social Media for Expansion

In the podcast video, Simon shares their experiences and journey during COVID and how social media became a critical part of their marketing strategy.

He explains how the digital space has changed and points out how LinkedIn and other social media platforms have proved important for their advertising, creating and sharing engaging content in different formats, and building their network.

21:29 – How GE Healthcare Approach Account-based Marketing (ABM)

Further in the podcast, Simon Rost provides valuable insights on how GE Healthcare approaches ABM and how they use tools to identify their key accounts.

In the podcast discussion, it becomes clear that when it comes to ABM implementation, health tech marketers out to think crawl, walk, and run!

27:58 – Simon Shares One piece of Advice

Finally, in offering his final advice based on lessons learned, Simon states that half of the battle is just showing up rather than wasting the challenge.

Simon ends by quoting Woody Allen:

“90% of success is showing up.”

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