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B2B Social Media : LinkedIn Marketing In B2B Healthcare

In this video post,  Jim Rose, Head of Global Marketing at InterSystems, talks to Adam Turinas, the CEO of healthlaunchpad on Healthcare B2B Social Media Marketing.

Jim explains how B2B social media marketing has proved to be a more effective strategy for new lead generation than the traditional emailing options.

B2B Social Media – Key Video Highlights

In the video below, Jim talks of the following:

  1. Why Unsolicited Email Marketing Is No Longer Working
  2. Why Social Media Marketing Has Gained Traction
  3. Using the LinkedIn channel for brand messaging

I hope you will find insights from this brief video helpful and applicable to your organization.

Why E-mail Marketing Is No Longer Effective as B2B Social Media

Jim  further explains how the use of email-filtering tools ensures that most unsolicited emails are no longer opened or read

He then points out that half of the filtering tools make senders think that their target recipients have read their emails. In reality, most emails never make it to receivers’ inboxes.

As Email Open Rates can’t be trusted, email marketing is a less effective strategy when it comes to new lead generation or brand messaging.

B2B Social Media Marketing – Has Gained Popularity

Many individuals and companies continue to embrace and feel more comfortable with the use of Social Media Marketing.

And so, businesses search LinkedIn in order to find relevant articles that their experts can comment on.

This, therefore, creates an important opportunity for companies to share information that popularizes or create more awareness about their brand

B2B Healthcare Brand Awareness – Linkedln Marketing

If for instance, you are a healthcare firm specializing in Artificial Intelligence with strengths in interoperability solutions, you can find interoperability articles posted by prospects and have senior executives from your company comment on them on  LinkedIn.

The challenge, therefore, is to be systematic and authentic as your executives engage with prospects through LinkedIn

 B2B LinkedIn – B2B Social Media Marketing Video


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