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5 Steps to Boost Sales AI Sales Outreach

In today’s competitive sales landscape, effectively enabling your team with the right messaging and content for prospects is critical. Artificial intelligence (AI) tools like ChatGPT, offer the game-changing potential to boost AI sales outreach

Follow this step-by-step guide to leverage AI to craft personalized messaging, build detailed buyer personas, map content to the buyer’s journey, and more.

Step 1: Build Detailed Buyer Personas

AI allows you to build rich buyer personas beyond surface-level attributes easily. To build detailed, actionable personas:  

  • Feed the AI-specific information on the persona name, title, company, goals, challenges etc. 
  • Request insights related to what messaging will resonate based on pain points.
  • Supplement with additional public information sources for more context.
  • Refine personas further by collaborating with teammates who interact with similar profiles.

Unlike generic templates, this results in granular personas with messaging tailored to what motivates them.

Step 2: Craft More Personalized Emails with AI Insights 

One of the biggest values of AI is quickly generating emails tailored to prospects’ specific contexts. To write emails that will resonate more effectively:

  • Feed the AI detailed information on the prospect’s name, company, role, goals, challenges etc. The more context the better.
  • Give clear guidance to the AI on the desired tone (formal, conversational etc.), length, and purpose of the email.
  • Break prompts into specific questions instead of long blocks of background text for best results.
  • Fact-check the output, then edit as needed into your own voice while retaining the key insights.

This process results in emails demonstrating deep personalization and understanding of what matters most to prospects.

Step 3: Personalize Content to Buyer Stage  

AI makes it simple to adapt content to where prospects are in their buyer’s journey. To personalize effectively:

  • Identify what content best aligns with each buyer journey stage at your company.
  • Feed sample buyer attributes to the AI mapped to their associated stage.
  • Request stage-specific content tailored to their goals and blockers.
  • Review output for relevance and refine prompts to improve quality over time.

Following this process leads to having the right content ready for any prospect at any given stage.

Step 4: Craft Tailored Messaging for Target Accounts 

AI allows you to serve critical accounts with highly personalized messaging versus generic campaigns. To make account-based marketing work with AI:

  • Identify attributes of your most valuable target accounts. 
  • Feed these attributes to AI to build detailed account profiles.
  • Request messaging tailored to the specific challenges and goals for those accounts.  
  • Verify the accuracy of output, editing as needed into your brand voice.

This results in being able to engage named accounts with relevant, tailored offers based on their unique needs.  That’s the beauty of AI sales outreach.

Step 5: Prioritize SDR AI Sales Outreach

As an SDR, it can be challenging to separate high-quality prospects from cold leads. To leverage AI for more efficient outreach:

  • Feed the AI firmographic data on prospects along with available intent signals.
  • Request a prioritized list of the highest potential targets based on propensity to buy. 
  • Further, refine the list by collaborating with teammates on past quality leads.  
  • Focus efforts on tailored outreach to fewer, high-quality prospects.

The result is having higher quality conversations and more efficient use of outreach time.

Key Tips When Getting Started with AI Sales Outreach

When first implementing AI for sales enablement, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Experiment with multiple AI tools until you find the best output. 
  2. Leverage available prompt examples to refine the quality of inputs.
  3. Collaborate with teammates to sharpen writing skills over time.  
  4. Always fact-check AI outputs before sending them externally.  
  5. Use AI content as a starting point that you then edit.

Following this measured approach will lead to impactful benefits from AI while mitigating potential downsides through human oversight.

The capabilities of tools like Claude and ChatGPT offer immense potential to transform sales enablement through data-driven insights. Follow these best practices to implement AI effectively in your organization.

If you are looking for ways to get AI sales outreach started, we offer an AI Coaching program that is tailored to your needs. You can learn more here.

Posted by Bob Blount
Posted in AI and Marketing, Growth Enablement on January 11, 2024

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