Using AI for Sales Enablement

In this episode of the Healthtech Marketing Show, healthlaunchpad principal Bob Blount discusses how artificial intelligence (AI) tools like Claude and ChatGPT are transforming sales enablement by helping sales teams craft more personalized and relevant messaging for prospects. 

Writing Effective Emails to Prospects Using AI

Bob explains how AI tools allow salespeople to easily write emails that resonate better with prospects’ pain points. For example, sales reps can feed detailed information about a prospect’s role, company, budget constraints etc., into tools like to generate emails tailored to their context. The AI looks beyond just LinkedIn and Google to incorporate insights from public documents.

It’s essential to give the AI clear guidelines on tone, length, etc. to get the best output. Breaking prompts down into a series of detailed questions yields better results than long blocks of text. This results in emails that demonstrate a deep understanding of a prospect’s goals and challenges. 

Creating Buyer Personas with AI  

Bob covers how can be used to build detailed buyer personas. By giving Claude specific information about a prospect’s name, role, company, etc., it can incorporate insights from various public sources to build a holistic profile.

This may be better than creating generic personas built solely from opinions and consensus. The AI delivers actionable details about what messaging will resonate with a given persona based on their precise role, goals, and challenges.

Personalizing Content for Different Stages of the Buyer’s Journey 

AI can help sales teams easily tailor content to prospects based on what stage they are at in the buyer’s journey. Simple prompts allow the AI to generate content that aligns with the specific concerns of prospects at each stage. 

For example, financial stakeholders likely only care about ROI data in the later stages when purchase decisions are being made. AI makes it easy to serve prospects the right content at the right time.

Enabling Account-Based Marketing   

AI could be very impactful for account-based marketing efforts. Instead of generic, wide-reaching campaigns, the technology allows teams to deliver personalized messaging to key target accounts. 

Reps can serve targeted accounts with highly relevant content and offers by building rich personas and mapping content to buyer journey stages. This requires a shift from prioritizing quantity and automation toward more tailored outreach.

Training Sales Development Reps with AI

The technology offers great potential for efficiently training and scaling sales development reps (SDRs). As Bob discussed, AI tools can surface key accounts with real buying signals for SDRs to prioritize.

Instead of pursuing hundreds of ineffective cold calls, reps can focus on fewer, high-quality targets. This allows them to have more meaningful conversations while still hitting their interaction quotas.

Practical Tips for Salespeople on Using AI

Some key tips covered for salespeople getting started with AI include:

  • Experiment with multiple AI tools to compare outputs
  • Use available prompt examples to optimize inputs
  • Collaborate with teammates to sharpen writing skills
  • Fact-check AI outputs before sending to prospects
  • Use AI content as an outline that can be edited and refined

If you want to explore how to use AI to boost your GTM team’s performance, we offer an AI Enablement Program.

Our unique coaching program for GTM teams with our superstar AI coach, Casey Meehan. These are tailored to your team and designed to teach your team about how to use the latest AI tools to improve the entire sales and marketing process, from strategy through content creation to prospecting with better and more personalized outreach.

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