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Do you need help content, social media, digital marketing strategy and execution?

The team at healthlaunchpad can help you improve your marketing programs with killer content, effective ABM, digital marketing and social media marketing campaigns. With over two decades of experience in digital marketing strategy, working with technology companies from startups to Fortune 500 firms, the team at healthlaunchpad has the expertise to pinpoint how to improve your communications strategy and programs and quickly optimize what you do.

And what sets us apart? All we do is healthcare technology marketing. It’s our passion and our expertise.

What We Do

Healthtech Brand Marketing

There are many agencies that are great at creating brand marketing but how many really get the healthcare market and what it takes to sell to technology to healthcare organizations? At healthlaunchpad, we pride ourselves on doing both. We excel at solving brand and marketing problems for healthtech companies and trannslate this into winning ABM and digital marketing strategy. Check out our case studies.

Review our case studies on brand marketing

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Content Marketing

Creating great content for healthtech buyers is hard. You have to excel at creating engaging content, you have to understand the unique characteristics of healthcare buyers and you have to be adept at getting to grips with deeply technical issues. The healthlaunchpad content marketing team excels at this. It’s all we do and we do a lot of it. Check out samples of our work.

Social Media Marketing

We all know that social media has the potential to be an incredibly powerful tool in the marketing arsenal. The problem is that most companies struggle to do it well. Social Media is a special passion at healthlaunchpad. We have built our own business through the use of social media and creating social networks. Let us teach you how to do it. Everything we do is grounded in customer insight, deep experience in social media and digital marketing strategy.

View our webinar or how to market via LinkedIn

ABM Programs

ABM is becoming THE way to market to healthcare organizations. Implementing ABM best practice is baked into everything we do. This includes building Target Account Lists, implementing Intent Data tools, creating a winning digital marketing strategy and reaching out to highly targeted prospects via LinkedIn and email. Given the importance of ABM we have created a resource just for you.

Check out the Healthtech ABM Resource Center.

Paid Search and Social Marketing

Your digital marketing strategy is critical. Paid search and social, along with sponsored media programs can be one of the biggest expenses for healthtech marketers. You can waste a lot of money with a partner who doesn’t fully understand the healthcare market. The digital marketing team at healthlaunchpad combines deep experience in demand generation AND in selling to healthcare.

Learn about our approach to Digital Marketing Strategy and Execution

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Search Engine Optimization

An effective SEO program could be one your greatest marketing assets. The fact is, very few companies do it well and honestly most agencies just pay lip service to it. At healthlaunchpad, we are obsessed with SEO and it has been critical in our own growth. Let us show you how to do it well.

Check out this video post where we explain our approach to SEO

Webinar Marketing and Virtual Events

Using virtual events, especially webinars have proven to be one of the most important parts of a digital marketing strategy in the last few years. We LOVE webinars. We run webinars monthly for our own business and we create, host and market webinars for our clients all the time. Can we do one for you?

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Book a call to discuss your goals

Our goal in this session is to get to know you, understand  your challenges and provideimmediate suggestions.

In this 30-minute call, we will listen to what you are working on and what's stopping you from achieving your goals.  We will give you objective advice, refer you to articles from our resource library or connect you with members of our community who can help.

What our Customers Say

Daniel Scalisi

Chief Growth Officer, Bluestream Health

“We have been working with the healthlaunchpad team for a year now and they deliver! They are an integral part of our team. What sets them apart is deep experience in selling technology to healthcare, strong strategic insight and really strong digital work, especially in content, SEO and ABM.“

Ben Person

VP Global Marketing, Nuvolo

"I have really enjoyed partnering with Adam and  healthlaunchpad over the past few years as we’ve looked to grow awareness in the healthcare market and refine our healthcare marketing strategy. Adam brought his deep experience in healthcare marketing especially for the c-suite and gave us guidance around how to position our message, define the overall healthcare marketing plan and most importantly how to elevate our brand to show that we are thought leaders in healthcare.”

Dan Schreff

VP of Marketing, Cross Screen Media

"Adam and his healthlaunchpad team have been excellent team members for building our healthcare vertical. They helped us quickly gain insight directly from prospects to understand where we can add the most value to our healthcare customers. They were also great partners in developing our go-to-market strategy and executing a set of programs that generated strong pipeline. Highly recommend!"

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In this episode 8 podcast, Adam Turinas, the CEO of healthlaunchpad, talks to  Lucy Railton, Director of Marketing of Smile CDR,  a Canadian healthcare data technology company. In the video below, Lucy explains how their company has built a marketing engine that is anchored on technology-supported content marketing strategy

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Framework for Digital Marketing to The Healthcare Sector

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