Nick kagal podcast - SpinSci Partnerships and Collaboration Approaches

Healthtech Marketing Podcast – Marketing With Partners Nick Kagal, VP of Marketing SpinSci Technologies

In this podcast, Nick Kagal, VP of  Marketing at SpinSci Technologies discusses their approach to marketing with partners and explains how they collaborate with their partners at events.

Nick, talks to Adam Turinas, CEO and Founder of healthlaunchpad. This podcast is brought to you in partnership with HIMMSS

Podcast Highlights With Timestamps

  • 0.10 – Podcast Introduction by Adam Turinas
  • 0:58 -Nick Kagal: Introduction
  • 2:41 – Company Journey & Solutions
  • 4:45 – Nick Kagal: Service Approach
  • 5:17 – Interesting Journey -Medical School & Healthcare Marketing
  • 7:48 –  Nick on Switching From The Customer Side to Technology or Vendor Side
  • 8:39 – Partnership Approach: Working with Resellers & Technology Partners.
  • 11:49 – Marketing To The End Customer – Strategies Used.
  • 13:53 – SpinSci: Strategic Approach to Events & Social Media Brand Marketing
  • 17:30 – Approach to Social Media Marketing
  • 19: 51 – Nick Kagal’s One Piece of Advice

Podcast Video – Marketing With Partners, Nick Kagal

Nick Kagal of SpinSci On Developing Partnerships: Podcast Briefs With Time-stamps.

0.10 – Podcast Introduction by Adam Turinas

The podcast begins with Adam Turinas, the healthlaunchpad founder giving a welcoming note and introducing the guest speaker, Nick Kagal

0:58 – Nick Kagal: Introduction

Nick Kagal introduces himself and gives a background of how the name of their company, SpinSci came about.

2:41 – Company Journey & Solutions

Nick then talks about their company’s journey of building real-time integration of patient record solutions through collaboration with other technology firms.

Further, he shares information on the 3 solutions they provide which are:

4:45- Nick On Their Service Approach

In the podcast, Nick explains how their solutions focused on:

  • Improvement of healthcare systems
  • Satisfaction of Patients by improving on their experiences
  • Reduction in Costs by enhancing efficiencies

5:17 – Nick’s Journey – Medical School & Healthcare Marketing

Nick shares his personal journey. He quit medical school and took the healthcare business route.

He explains how his career in healthcare marketing evolved and the various roles as he developed an interest in healthcare and technology.

And so, he gained experience in Customers Informatic solutions and health systems administrative roles.

7:48 – Nick Kagal: Switching From The Customer Side to Vendor Side

So Nick explains how his switching from the customer to vendor’s side enabled him to understand customers. As a result, he has been able to better customer connections to build trust.

8:39 – SpinSci Partnership Approaches 

Nick shares about some of their business partners which include but are not limited to:

  • Ecosystem Partners: EPIC & Cerner
  • ontact Center Partners: Cisco, Amazon, Genesys, Vonage & more.
  • Resellers: ConvergeOne, CDW Healthcare, Presidio

Nick again talks about some of the strategies they use to nurture partnerships which include:

  • Mapping with them
  • Providing them with sales enabling tools
  • Helping their customers have three or four different channels.
  • Developing special membership programs that support partners
  • Being cognizance of the competition and remaining respectful to both their resellers 7 technology partners

11:49 – The End-Customer Marketing Strategies

In the podcast video, Nick Kagal further mentions sponsored podcasts as a strategy they use to reach and engage their target audiences.

He also reveals their future marketing plan of organizing road shows so as to reach wider markets in LA or Southern California New York, New Jersey, and Chicago

13:53 – Nick On Events Participation & Collaboration With Partners

Further in the  podcast, regarding the planning of events to create more awareness, Nick explains how as a small organization, they have strategically focused on the following to get their foot on the door:

  1. Trying and get a presence with their partners to make it right
  2. Being at their key partners’ booths (Cisco, Avaya. and Uniphore) instead of having their own in order to galvanize their partnerships
  3. Organizing, hosting, and  taking part in Networking Events in collaboration with partners

17:30 – Approach to Social Media Marketing

Nick also discusses how they approach social media marketing. He illustrates how they craft content that inspires and educates their target audience instead of focusing on promoting products.

In his aspect, Adam shares some insights on how most of the expert marketers he has interviewed perceive the use current use of cold email marketing as a less effective and intrusive marketing strategy as companies try to figure out how best to use and benefit from Social Media channels such as LinkedIn

19: 51- Nick Kagal’s One Piece of Advice

Finally, at the end of the podcast, Nick shares a piece of insightful advice on what he wished he learned earlier. He reveals how he was initially a bit closed off, lacked communication skills, and relaxed.

Later, he saw the need of taking a course in speech and technical writing.

And so his advice is that you learn to overcome your barriers. Therefore, he emphasizes that you should not be in your comfort zone because that’s how you evolve and how you learn.

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