The Evolution Demand Generation in Healthtech Marketing

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In this replay of the first session from the Healthtech Marketing Summit, we dive into the evolution of demand generation in the healthtech industry.

The session is moderated by Adam Turinas, CEO and founder of Health Launchpad, a healthtech marketing agency. Adam is joined by an expert panel featuring Matt Carollo (HIMSS), Hannah Drake (Health Launchpad), Lucy Railton (Drummond Group), and Adam Rosenberg (RX Lighting).

The discussion covers:

  • Insights from a recent HIMSS survey on the healthcare IT buyer journey, including the complexity of the buyer collective, lengthening buying cycles, and the importance of proven success and interoperability
  • Perspectives on the challenges of balancing freely sharing information vs. gated content to generate leads
  • The effectiveness of trade shows, webinars, events, intent data, and referral marketing in driving demand
  • The diminishing returns of tactics like Google ads and the need to provide real value in content marketing
  • Using a mix of first-party, second-party, and third-party intent data to identify in-market accounts and individuals
  • Shifting from measuring leads to measuring revenue influence and partnering closely between marketing and sales
  • The importance of investing in brand awareness as part of an overall account-based marketing approach
  • Throughout the session, the panelists share candid insights and tips based on their experiences across a range of healthtech organizations.

The conversation sets the stage for a deeper dive into account-based marketing in a later session.

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Posted in Healthtech Marketing Show, Uncategorized on May 7, 2024

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