The Partnerships Episode – Jenna Chambers and Brittany Jones

We are doing something a little unusual in this episode, and we have two terrific guests today in this special episode on partnerships. This is a deep dive into the whole area of sales and marketing partnerships.

Our two awesome guest span seven time zones. From the UK, we have Jenna Chambers, the head of global partnerships from Terminus, the ABM platform for 1000+ companies. And from Denver, CO, we have Brittany Jones, Vice President of Partnerships for Gozio Health, which provides an end-to-end, customizable digital health mobile engagement platform for healthcare, among other things, like centralizing access to patient-facing tools, helps with hospital wayfinding and many others.

You will learn:

  • How both companies leverage partnerships for growth and delivery (e.g. integrations)
  • The strategic importance of partners, especially in customer success
  • How they find, qualify and engage partners
  • What makes a successful partnership
  • How to make the partnership thrive and grow – How to scale the program
  • The magic of Crossbeam
Posted by Adam Turinas
Posted in Healthtech Marketing Show on April 3, 2023

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