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Marketing to healthcare is hard. We can all use a little help. Join us for the Healthtech Marketing Podcast to learn from the experts. Each episode features an experienced healthcare technology marketing leader who shares tips, insights and how to’s on a specific topic. Episodes include ABM, brand strategy, international expansion, content marketing and more.

This podcast is brought to you by HIMSS and healthlaunchpad.

With over 20 episodes published, we have interviewed executives at Intersystems, Nuvolo, UAB Healthcare Systems Feedback, Saint Peter's Healthcare, Steady MD, H1, SpinSci, Snoball, RxRevue (now Arrive Health), DAC Group, Equum Medical, IHES, PerfectServe, Smile Digital Health, Health Recovery Solutions (HRS), Renegade Marketing and more.

These interviews have covered:

  • Insights about selling to healthcare from multiple healthcare IT buyers
  • Account-based marketing strategy
  • B2B marketing
  • Brand strategy
  • Messaging approaches
  • Agile marketing
  • Networking
  • Content marketing
  • In-house agency management
  • SEO
  • Sales and marketing integration
  • Social media markeing
  • Events marketing
  • Ethnographics
  • Marketing a start-up

We are always looking for new topics. If you are interested in being included, please email me at adam@healthlaunchpad.com

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Latest episodes of the Healthtech Marketing Podcast

Start-up Journey Podcast - Daniel Pluard

Healthtech Marketing Podcast – The Start-up Journey – Daniel Pluard, CEO of Intely

In this podcast that’s brought to you in partnership with HIMMS, Daniel Pluard, the CEO of  Intely,  a healthcare interoperability Start-up, shares about their low-code/no-code approach to tackling  highly complex issue in  automation workflows

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david fortino- healthechmarketing podcast

Healthtech Marketing Podcast – David Fortino, Netline on Content Marketing Insights

In this podcast, Adams Turinas, CEO & founder of healthlaunchpad gets actionable content marketing insights from David Fortino, the Chief Strategy Officer of Netline, a leading  content syndication Platform.

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sunila levi - healthtech marketing guest speaker

Healthtech Marketing Podcast – The Healthcare Technology Buyer’s Perspective – Sunila Levi

In this engaging Healthtech Marketing video podcast, Sunila Levi, a long-time Healthcare Technology Executive with rich experience in different sectors of US healthcare systems, talks about Healthcare Information Technology from the buyer’s perspective.

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Dr. Dean explaining the role of ethnography in healthcare marketing

Healthtech Marketing Podcast – The Power of Ethnography, Dean Browell, Ph.D.

“Living among gorillas” is an expression you will hardly come across when it comes to healthcare marketing. But you will in this podcast. Talking to Adams Turinas, the CEO & Founder of healthlaunchpad, Dean Browell, Ph.D. , an ethnographer and Chief Behavioral Officer of Feedback, reveals how their innovative ethnographic firm relies on customers’ insights.

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Guy Friedman - Strategies for successful pivoting

Healthtech Marketing Podcast – Making a Successful Pivot – Guy Friedman, CEO of SteadyMD.

In this video podcast, Guy Friedman, Co-Founder & CEO of Steady MD,  talks about how they made a successful pivot by creating a network of physicians who are licensed in every state and provide care via telehealth

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Health tech marketing -Lizzy Felciano and Elizabeth Fennell of H1

Approaches To Scaling a Complex Health-tech SaaS Startup – Lizzy Feliciano & Elizabeth Fennell, H1

In this podcast, two veteran marketers in the health-tech space from H1, Lizzy Feliciano( SVP of Marketing) and Elizabeth Fennel (Director of  Integrated Marketing) talk to AdamsTurinas (CEO & Founder of Healthlauchpad) about their approach to building a new and complex SaaS company.

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Nick kagal podcast - SpinSci Partnerships and Collaboration Approaches

Healthtech Marketing Podcast – Marketing With Partners Nick Kagal, VP of Marketing SpinSci Technologies

In our previous podcast, we shared how you can transform your stakeholders into Health Care Event promoters. In this podcast, Nick Kagal, VP of  Marketing at SpinSci Technologies discusses their approach to partnership building. He also explains how they collaborate with their partners at events.

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rachel stephan - on events marketing

Healthtech Marketing Podcast: Getting Better Engager at Events, Rachel Stephan, CEO, Snöball

In a previous webinar, we shared how you can stand out in virtual events. In this Healthtech Marketing podcast, Rachel Stephan, the CEO & Founder of Snöball Event Marketing discusses how they help their customers get better events registration and engagement by turning stakeholders into awesome marketers or events promoters.

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Adam Rosenberg explaining how they approach healthtech marketing

Healthtech Marketing Podcast: Simple Approaches To Complex Strategies, Adam Rosenberg, Director of Marketing, RXRevu

In this podcast which is brought to you in partnership with HIMMS, Adam Rosenberg, the Director of Marketing at RexRevu, shares some of the simple Healthtech Marketing approaches that they use to reach their target markets.

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melanie turner shares insights on the buyer's journey

The Buyer’s Journey Perspective: – Melanie Turner, AVP, HSIS, UAB Medicine Enterprise

As a healthcare marketer or vendor, a better understanding the buyer’s journey is critical in crafting targeted campaigns, and customer engagement strategies. In this Healthtech Marketing podcast, Melanie Turner, Associate Vice President (AVP) at Health System Information Services(HSIS),  UAB, Medicine Enterprise, shares valuable lessons based on her perspective as a healthcare solutions customer.

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kaycee kalpin on agile marketing approaches

Agile Marketing In Healthcare: Kaycee Kalpin, Chief Marketing Officer, Premier Inc.

In this Healthtech Marketing podcast, Kaycee Kalpin, the Chief Marketing Officer of Premier Inc. discusses how they work with thousands of healthcare vendors to meet the needs of hundreds of healthcare organizations. She also dives into the Agile Marketing approach

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brand strategy in healthcare marketing

Healthcare Brand Development Strategy : Empathy-based Marketing Approach

In this post, James Rose, Head of Marketing at InterSystem, speaks with Adam Turinas, the CEO of healthlaunchpad on how they approach empathy-based brand strategy.

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Karsten Russell-Wood provides valuable insights on healthcaremarketing trust building

Building Trust Healthtech Marketing: – Karsten Russell-Wood, Chief Marketing & Experience Officer, EQUUM Medical.

In this engaging podcast discussion, Karsten Russell-Wood, a Chief Marketing & Experience Officer at EQUUM Medical, shares his rich experience and lessons on how you can build trust in B2B healthcare marketing.

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hays waldrop - IHES Healthcare Network Groups Approaches

The Power of Networking In Healthcare Marketing: Hays Waldrop, Founder of IHES

In this very interactive podcast, Hays Waldrop, Founder of IHES, talks to Adam Turinas, CEO & Founder of healthlaunchpad, about their healthcare communities made of Providers group, (vendors & Sponsors), Supplier group, & Supplies group among others.

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ryan grable - healthcare brand marketing strategy & customer experience

Healthtech Branding & Marketing Strategies : Ryan Grable, SVP of Marketing, PerfectServe: Ryan Grable, Chief Marketing Officer, PerfectServe

In this Healthtech Marketing podcast, Adam Turinas, the CEO of healthlaunchpad, discusses brand strategy with Ryan Grable, a Senior Vice-President of Marketing at PerfectServe.  PerfectServe is the service leader in Clinical Communications & Collaboration space which spans diverse healthcare settings

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Lucy Railton shares some of the strategies they have used to build an effective content marketing strategy

Building a Content Marketing Strategy to Sell Complex Technology: Lucy Railton, Director of Marketing, Smile CDR

In this episode 8 podcast, Adam Turinas, the CEO of healthlaunchpad, talks to  Lucy Railton, Director of Marketing of Smile CDR,  a Canadian healthcare data technology company. In the video below, Lucy explains how their company has built a marketing engine that is anchored on technology-supported content marketing strategy

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valuable insights by Royce Brunson on Sales and Marketing Integration

Building a Tightly Integrated Sales & Marketing Team: Royce Brunson, Chief Revenue Officer of Health Recovery Solutions

This podcast covers my conversation with Royce Brunson who is a Chief Revenue Office at Health Recovery Solutions, a remote monitoring service provider.  Royce provides great insights on the strategies they have used in building a tightly integrated sales and marketing team.

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david kosloski podcast on seo content marketing

SEO is Part of the Culture: David Kosloski, Director of Marketing, Avelead

In this Healthtech Marketing podcast produced through the partnership of HIMSS and healthlaunchpad, I talk to David Kosloski, the Director of Marketing at Avelead

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Healthtech marketing : Drew Neisser providing valuable insights on b2b marketing

Tales From a B2B Marketing Guru : Drew Neisser, Founder of Renegade Marketers & CMO Huddles

In this Healthtech marketing podcast, I interview Mr. Drew Neisser, a B2B Rockstar Marketer and founder of Renegade Marketers…Unite! & and CMO Huddles. He shares his journey to B2B marketing and the challenges he faced, and how he transitioned.

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Robyn Duda - Healthtech Marketing Podcast 4

The Future of Event and Experiential Marketing: Robyn Duda, Growth Strategist and Experiential Marketer

The awesome Robyn Duda is an expert in events and experiential marketing. In this episode, she shares insights on how the event marketing space has been disrupted by COVID, how event marketers are adapting and some candid perspectives on what the future looks like.

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Dr. Jordan-Tannenbaum

Insights from a Healthcare IT Buyer: Dr. Jordan Tannenbaum, CIO/CMIO St Peter’s Healthcare

Dr. Jordan Tannenbaum is a physician turned CIO and CMIO at Saint Peter’s Healthcare System, New Brunswick, New Jersey. In this episode, Dr Tannenbaum shares how his healthcare system has adapted to the pandemic and how it is changing what they buy and how they buy.

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jim rose - intersystems - podcast 2

How To Build a Leading Healthcare IT Brand: Jim Rose, Chief Marketing Officer, Intersystems

In this episode, you will hear from marketing veteran, Jim Rose who leads marketing for the awesome Intersystems. Jim shares insights and candid perspectives on how to build a brand for a large faceless poorly understood software firm. This podcast is brought to you by HIMSS and healthlaunchpad.

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ben pearson - Nuvolo's ABM & Healthtech Marketing

A Healthcare Tech ABM Master Class : Ben Person, VP of Global Marketing, Nuvolo

In this first episode, you will hear from Ben Person , who leads marketing for the fast-growing Nuvolo. This is a master-class on ABM, how to make it work, how to measure it, and how to build an ABM Demand Engine. This podcast is brought to you by HIMSS and healthlaunchpad.

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Interested in ABM? Learn About Account-Based Marketing Strategy Process

Every journey starts with a first step. In ABM, it starts with a sound strategy.

Our approach to Account-Based Marketing Strategy is based on a deep understanding of the Buyer Journey. At healthlaunchpad, we have developed a buyer journey framework based on how buyers truly buy in healthcare from problem-solving, through evaluation and decision, to onboarding, using, expanding use to influencing the purchase decision of others.

In developing your Account-Based Marketing Strategy, we will help you identify in-market accounts who are showing intent, develop ways to engage them, improve how you convert them, and build a plan to grow these into highly profitable long-term customers.

account-based marketing services

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