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AI for Marketing Teams – An update from Casey Meehan

In the latest episode of the Healthtech Marketing Show, I chatted with Casey Meehan about AI for marketing, particularly the continual developments in generative AI. We first spoke with Casey about Generative AI last year with a heavy focus on content marketing, and so much has happened since then.

In 2024, marketing teams are shifting from experimentation to how to use the tools to transform how they work. In this episode, we dove into AI for marketing in a lot more detail.

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As Casey reminds us, “I think 2024 is all about, on a personal level, departmental level, really taking some time to implement these tools.” ChatGPT has advanced to version 4.0, with more customization options. As Casey explains, “The biggest thing was the introduction of these custom GPTs – ways to add information to your custom GPT in a way that you can use over and over again.” Exciting times in AI, indeed!

Implementing AI for Marketing Tools into Workflows

While many of us have “poked around” with AI tools like ChatGPT, Casey urges us to focus this next year on truly integrating them into workflows for efficiency gains. He notes, “I think taking time is key there. It’s just like any sort of delegating of any task. It doesn’t happen automatically.” Wise words – we must invest the effort to implement AI to leverage its benefits properly. I’m committing to spending more time figuring out how to build AI efficiencies into my key workflows this quarter.

Custom GPTs and Assistants Streamline Processes

Casey shared a great example of how he builds custom AI tools to automate repetitive marketing tasks, explaining, “I created one this morning for creating my YouTube descriptions for my videos.” By teaching ChatGPT with examples of his previous video descriptions, Casey’s custom GPT can now automatically generate descriptions for new videos in seconds. As he explains, this used to take 30-60 tedious minutes per video. The power here is creating reusable AI tools tailored to your unique needs.

Integrations with Zapier Multiplies the Power

One of Casey’s biggest areas of focus recently has been integrating AI with the popular automation platform Zapier. As he explains, “If you have a custom GPT you like, you can easily convert that into an assistant on the OpenAI side.” This opens up limitless possibilities for connecting AI to other pieces of your tech stack. Casey has set up automations using this approach for processing emails, tracking actionable news for content ideas, and more. The ability to trigger AI workflows from other platforms is a total game-changer, according to Casey. “This Zapier integration with these assistants is just massive.”

Applying AI to Improve Team Productivity

Shifting gears, we discussed tactics for teams to drive more value from AI. We have written extensively about this in our growth enablement posts and this recent episode of the show.

Casey observes that many organizations haven’t properly implemented the tools into their real workflows. He reminds us that “these tools are very good at taking an entry-level person or a lower level person and bringing them up to above average.” The goal is to use AI for support tasks, not try to fully replace your best people. As Casey puts it, “if you have a great blog writer who knows your space and everything, it’s going to be really hard for the AI to outperform or replace that person.” Phew! But AI can still amplify your team by removing lower-value work, leaving more time for creativity.

Coaching Employees to Use AI Tools

This left a big question – how do managers provide enough training for employees to build AI proficiency? As Casey notes, you can’t expect younger digital natives to fully educate more seasoned leaders. He suggests hands-on sessions focused on real workflows. “We kind of broke down some of the big activities or the big processes that we go through, content creation, email creation, doing research, SEO, et cetera. And with each one, you worked with a subject matter expert, and broke down the process.” This collaborative approach ensures the whole team expands their skills together. Regular sharing sessions also create organic adoption.

Analyze Workflows to Break Down and Automate Tasks

I love Casey’s strategic advice on implementation – start by analyzing full departmental workflows end-to-end. He advises focusing on the “one big thing they are accountable for”, before deciding where AI augmentation makes most sense. Casey explains, “It’s a lot harder for somebody that’s amazing at something to replace them or to really improve upon their process.” Thus, leave your stars to shine, but use AI to turbo-charge junior staff productivity on support tasks. This ultimately lifts departmental output substantially.

Check Out Casey’s Blazing Zebra YouTube Channel

For those keen to boost their AI skills further, check out Casey’s practical tutorials on his Blazing Zebra YouTube channel. He’s focused on actionable tactics for marketing and business without the hype. Casey explains his goal is to “help marketers and entrepreneurs learn practical and actionable AI skills. There’s so much noise in the space and many folks are very confused on how to use this or even where to get started.” So if you’re feeling overwhelmed with AI, start simple with Casey’s videos!

Leverage Multiple Generative AI Tools

While much talk centers on ChatGPT, Casey stresses the power of tools like Anthropic’s Claude and Perplexity as well, each with unique strengths. He finds Claude excellent for writing drafts, while Perplexity shines at searching backgrounds. Casey suggests focusing time on mastering a few versatile foundations like these, rather than jumping across new niche AI products appearing daily. As he cautions, “most of them are really not great.” Stick to proven solutions suitable for your needs.

The Future Promises Exciting (and Scary) AI Potential

Our final topic explores the future of AI, where development moves at a breakneck pace. Casey reveals predictions that we could see artificial general intelligence (AGI) this year that exceeds human abilities. But missteps from players like OpenAI co-founder Sam Altman demonstrate concerns about controlling such powerful technologies. Beyond AGI, Casey sees AI increasingly embedded into solutions, from video generation to sales tools. While AI’s long-term trajectory inspires amazing dreams, Casey grounds us in the present: “Learn practical and actionable AI skills.” Wise advice, whatever the future holds!

The Bottom Line

  1. Generative AI keeps maturing, offering more customizable tools to drive marketing productivity.
  2. Reaping the benefits of AI for Marketing requires hands-on implementation into real workflows
  3. Creating reusable “Custom GPTs” tailored to your needs amplifies the value
  4. Connect AI through platforms like Zapier for limitless integration potential
  5. Focus AI on supporting more junior staff on repetitive tasks
  6. Training sessions with collaborative real examples build team skills
  7. Analyze end-end workflows to identify automation opportunities
  8. Embrace proven AI foundations before chasing new niche tools
  9. The future promises exponential AI advances, both exciting and scary!
  10. For now, learn practical marketing integrations to boost productivity.

I hope you enjoyed this recap of my conversation on AI for Marketing with Casey. What stuck out to you most? What AI experiments might you run in your marketing workflows? Let me know if you have any other observations or feedback from this episode!

And if you need help, check out our AI for Marketing Coaching Program with Casey.

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Posted in AI and Marketing, Growth Enablement, Healthtech Marketing Show on January 23, 2024

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