Health tech marketing -Lizzy Felciano and Elizabeth Fennell of H1

Approaches To Scaling a Complex Health-tech SaaS Startup – Lizzy Feliciano & Elizabeth Fennell, H1

In this podcast, two veteran marketers in the health-tech space from H1, Lizzy Feliciano( SVP of Marketing), and Elizabeth Fennel (Director of  Integrated Marketing) talk to Adam Turinas (CEO & Founder of healthlauchpad) about their approach to building a new and complex Software Service ( SaaS) company.

The podcast video will provide you with insights on:

☑️ How to approach scaling up marketing for a Venture-Capital (VC)-Backed Firm

☑️ How to deliver messages to different market segments

☑️ Better understanding of Account-based Marketing (ABM) Orchestration

Highlights of The Podcast With Timestamps

  • 00:10 – Podcast Introduction
  • 01:00 – Lizzy Feliciano(SVP of Marketing) – Career Journey
  • 02:23 – Elizabeth Fennell(Director of  Integrated Marketing) – Career Journey
  • 03:13What H1 Does & Why H1
  • 05:55What Makes H1 Different
  • 08: 36H1’s Revenue Model
  • 09:57Where H1 is Heading
  • 11:52H1’s Approach To Marketing
  • 15:27How H1 Brings Customers Into Their Marketing Process
  • 17:24 – Tailoring Messages & Products For Different Audiences
  • 21:24 – H1’s Preparation for Account-Based Marketing (ABM)
  • 25:30 – Lessons Learned – Lizzy and Elizabeth

Podcast  Video –  Lizzy Feliciano and Elizabeth Fennell, H1

Podcast Briefs With Time StampsLizzy & Elizabeth 

👉00:10Podcast Introduction By Adam Turinas

The podcast begins with Adam Turinas, CEO and Founder of healthlaunchpad recognizing HIMMS’ partnership, and welcoming the two podcast panelists and listeners

👉01:00Lizzy Feliciano(SVP of Marketing) – Career Journey To H1

In the podcast, Lizzy talks about her 30 years of experience in marketing and healthcare technology, and her role with some of the amazing start-ups as well as global companies such as LexisNexis.

She describes her joining of H1 to build a wild-class marketing organization as perfect timing and is pleased with what they have achieved.

👉02:23Elizabeth Fennell(Director of  Integrated Marketing) – Her Career Journey

Elizabeth explains how for 25 years, she has been involved in healthcare marketing and PR storytelling.

She shares how her marketing position at LexisNexis and McKesson equipped her with the necessary technology tools to execute her current role in collaboration with Lizzy

👉03:13What H1 Does & Why H1

Lizzy explains how their organization’s name, H1, was derived from an industry research term and its link to their mission of providing true and reliable information, and a healthier future.

She explains their strong focus on being that single source of truth when it comes to providing authentic and daily-updated information regarding doctors and healthcare professionals.

Further in the podcast, Lizzy points out that their organization aims at answering the following questions:

  • Is this the right doctor to treat my condition?
  • Is the doctor currently seeing another patient?
  • If you are bringing a new drug to the market, does the doctor have the right profile?
  • Does the doctor have a strong sphere of influence?

She explains how H1 also works toward creating a community where healthcare professionals, researchers, and scientists can come together to share their work for the betterment of their career development.

👉05:55What Makes H1 Different

Lizzy provided details on the following as the key areas that distinguish H1 from other players such as Healthgrades:

  • Looking at doctors’ performance based on factual outcomes realized by patients
  • Focusing on all information points linked to the quality of care the physicians realize across their patient population.
  • Having a broad network of physicians who are able to share their experiences to ensure they are up-to-date with their scholarly and clinical work
  • Focusing on Building a much richer global data source
  • Looking at Artificial Intelligent(AI)-enabled doctor interactions in order to reveal more information that is relevant importance to the stakeholders

👉08: 36H1’s Revenue Model

In the podcast, Lizzy explains H1 as a SaaS-based business model that:

  • Offers H1 Connect Platform that provides data and analytics.
  • Has several products that address the needs of specific stakeholders
  • Collaborate with different stakeholders like top pharma companies, medical device companies, Biotech Payers, Commercial Payers, Next Generation Payers
  • Operate on SaaS Licensing Agreements through their platform

👉09:57– Where Is H1 Heading?

Lizzy shares how H1’s future focus is to continue building its platform, data, and analytics by:

  • Bringing information together and making it accessible
  • Ensuring patients worldwide can understand, find, and engage with the right doctors
  • Having as much information as possible to build the necessary analytic infrastructure
  • Bringing the proper diversity and equity data into the clinical trial space

👉11:52Lizzy and Elizabeth on H1’s Approach To Marketing

  • Working with a broad marketing Mix in order to reach audiences where they are
  • Measuring accuracy in finding the channels where customers and stakeholders are digesting information
  • Using thought leadership, media, and PR as a vehicle to tell their story
  • Being Metric-driven by first researching data about audiences engagement
  • Telling their story or developing content that is aligned with H1’s mission

👉15:27 How H1 Brings Customers Into Their Marketing Process

In order to bring customers to their marketing process, Lizzy explains how they:

  • Build partnerships with both trade and professional organizations.
  • Through partnerships, she explains, H1 is able to get important information about their audiences.
  • Use webinars and other channels to cost-effectively acquire vital audience data

👉17:24Tailoring Messages & Products For Different Audiences

Lizzy and Elizabeth explain how they tailor messages or products in order to suit different audiences through the following approaches:

  • Creation of an internal team of experts that focuses on products, technology, and data
  • Reliance on an experienced team of individuals who have worked in the same space as their customers and partners
  • Having internal subject matter expertise from concept to commercialization
  • Adopting a pragmatic framework – streamlining activities from roles, activities, concepts, sales enablement, and commercialization.
  • Accelerating an Agile Marketing process
  • Empowering the Sales and Marketing team so that the product features and functions fit into the broader storytelling

👉17:24 H1 and Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Lizzy Feliciano reveals that their organization has started building stages for its Account-based Marketing (ABM) journey and is currently focused on awareness creation, getting eyeballs on 30 global accounts, and developing their marketing tech stack

She explains that though H1 has not used well-known platforms such as the Demandbase or Terminus for their ABM strategy, they have experience with other platforms.

ABM Orchestration

In the video, Lizzy emphasizes the importance of the ABM orchestration component and comprehensively details what this entails

Elizabeth further explains that in order to drive an effective personalized ABM strategy,  Market Segmentation based on sales cycles is a critical requirement.

21:24 –  Career Lessons – Lizzy and Elizabeth

At the end of the podcast, both Lizzy and Elizabeth share lessons on what they have learned, or what they wished they had known earlier.

Lizzy Feliciano’s  advice: 

  • Do not doubt yourself. Instead, learn to give yourself more credit!
  • Do not risk losing opportunities by always playing safe.
  • Marketers ought to be confident in expressing their knowledge and demonstrating their experiences in order to open doors for other valuable career opportunities.

Elizabeth Fennell’s  Advice:

  • Don’t race to finish because you are likely to mess up. Stop and learn from your mistakes
  • Remain authentic. Be you!
  • Don’t be afraid to speak up when you have something important to say and at the right time.

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