Marketing Optimization Framework

The Marketing Optimization Framework – How To Assess Your Own Marketing Plan

Marketing to healthcare has never been more complex. There have never been so many choices, and the expectations of what marketing will deliver have never been higher.

At healthlauchpad, we have developed a simple Marketing Optimization Framework to help you assess your own marketing program.

This Marketing Self-Assessment Tool, will also help you in identifying the critical marketing areas to improve and optimize your team’s performance.

Download the Marketing Optimization Framework hereNo registration is needed! Have at it.

The Marketing Optimization FrameworkThe Questions You Must Answer

As a health-tech marketer, there are questions you must answer when building your best Marketing Optimization Framework, or when assessing your current marketing program.

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Before we dive into the main Marketing Improvement Framework questions, lets begin by defining the key terms.

Marketing Optimization is the process or technique of improving your organization’s marketing strategy or approach in order to acquire maximum efficiency and increased sales



How Is The Marketing Improvement Framework Is Organized?

marketing improvement framework
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The Marketing Optimization Framework is structured around the “big buckets” of a typical marketing plan which include:

  1. Goals and Strategy: This will help you assess if you have a well-defined strategy with clear goals. It will also ensure that you have some of the foundational elements checked off.
  2. Customers and Targets: This section is designed to ensure you have all the elements in place to have a clear targeting strategy and that you know your target audience sufficiently.
  3. Offering and Messaging: This will get you to question whether you have a robust messaging strategy.
  4. Assessment Tactics: More of a checklist but this will allow you to step back and assess if you have all the elements in place and question if there are any gaps in your tactical mix.
  5. Technology Data: What technologies do you use? Do you have the tech stack you need? Do you have the right data in place?
  6. People and Process: This will challenge you to see if you have the key processes in place and a well-functioning team.

How Do You Use The Marketing Optimization Framework?

The application of the marketing optimization framework is pretty simple really. For each topic, all you need is to ask yourself or your team these three questions:

  • Do we have a gap here or a weakness? Leave the ball empty
  • Do we do this adequately but there is room for improvements? Half-fill the ball
  • Is this something we excel at? In this case color in the ball entirely

The key thing is to ask yourself as objectively as possible how best you can address all the above questions.

Note: Doing this with your team will give better and richer results.

Download the Marketing Optimization Framework hereNo registration is needed! Have at it.

I hope you find this helpful. At heathlaunchpad, we help companies optimize their marketing opportunities, and assist organizations to implement targeted content marketing strategies.

In case you need help thinking this through just reach out. We would love to help!

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Posted by Adam Turinas
Posted in Marketing to Healthcare on October 10, 2021

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