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Healthtech Marketing Podcast: Getting Better Engager at Events, Rachel Stephan, CEO, Snöball

In a previous webinar, we shared how you can stand out in virtual events. In this Healthtech Marketing podcast, Rachel Stephan, the CEO & Founder of Snöball Event Marketing discusses how they help their customers get better events registration and engagement by turning stakeholders into events promoters.

Rachel speaks to Adam Turinas, CEO & Founder of healthlaunchpad. This podcast is brought to you in partnership with HIMMSS

We hope you’ll find the insights shared in the below podcast video valuable, especially as you think through your event marketing strategy.

Video Podcast: Key Highlights  With Timestamps

0.13 – Podcast Introduction By The Host, Adam Turinas, healthlaunchpad

2:00 – Rachel Stephan of Snöball Event – Introduction

3:28 –  Snöball Event Marketing – Customer Journey

5:43Rachel On Their Events Marketing Channels

9:53 – Snöball Event Marketing for Exhibitors & Sponsors

15:20 – People As a Marketing Channel – The Importance of Personal Communication

17:56  – A case Study Example on Linkedln- Becoming Vulnerable & Authentic

20:25 – Rachel Stephan’s Perspective On In-Person & Virtual Healthcare Events.

26:08 – Rachel’s Final Advice – What She Wished She Had Known

Turning Stakeholders Into Events PromotersPodcast 15 Video: Rachel Stephan, CEO & Founder, Snöball Event Marketing

Rachel Stephan On Getting Events Engagers: Podcast Briefs With Timestamps.                                    

0.13 Welcome Message and Introduction By Host: Adam, healthlaunchpad

Adam Turinas of healthlaunchpad gives a welcome note, recognizes the partnership with HIMMS, and introduces the podcast’s guest speaker, Rachels Stephan of Snowball Event

2:00Rachel Stephan – Introduction

Rachel introduces herself, her career, and her influencer marketing SnöballEvent agency.

And so, in the podcast, Rachel explains some of the strategies that her company uses with organizers to promote events that focus on:

  • Getting the key stakeholders so that they can talk about events on your behalf
  • Automatic, tracking, and scaling of word-of-mouth marketing

  3:28 –  Snöball Event Marketing – Customer Journey

The video podcast discusses how Snöball helps clients get to boost their events’ registration numbers by having butts on seats and eyeballs on the screen.

Rachel explains how they achieve these by:

  • Having influential people such as guest speakers share and talk about planned events
  • Reaching out to many people and not always marketing to the same people as done by many
  • Developing strategies that make the promotion of events by sponsors, exhibitors, or attendees hassle-free
  • Building participants’ trust by ensuring that those they trust talk about scheduled events while enhancing their brands

5:43 Rachel On Their Events Marketing Channels

The podcast also discusses the following strategies that Snöball Event uses to reach potential participants:

  • Sending of personal emails or WhatsApp messages(personal invitations) to an individual’s close networks
  • Using Social Media for Amplification Marketing

In order to illustrate their strategy, Rachel provides a case study of an Event Campaign where one sponsor’s invitation emails to clients attracted 62 registrations.

Again, in the podcast, Rachel recognizes that their strategy is a win-win situation since both the events’ organizers, sponsors, and key speakers all have an opportunity to reach a much wider audience through their networks.

9:53Snöball Event Marketing For Exhibitors & Partners

Also in the podcast, Rachel Stephan gives:

  • A case study of how they have worked with an exhibitor and partners to attract over 600 registered participants from just two influential speakers.
  • Explains how events’ wealth of content can be used as important marketing assets.
  • Illustrate how you can offer events’ content for free or earn extra revenue through payment where applicable

15:20People As a Marketing Channel – Importance of Personal Communication

Further in the podcast, Rachel emphasizes the following:

  • The need to collaborate with people who your target group trusts in order to massively gain from influence marketing.
  • Having a personal touch by being authentic when sharing information
  • The importance of embracing vulnerable marketing
  • How Linkedln is a useful channel for sharing information with target networks.

17:56  – A case Study Example on Linkedln- Becoming Vulnerable & Authentic

Rachel then gives a case study of how a casual message she shared on Linkedln when traveling on a plane to attend an event attracted responses because it exuded an authentic vulnerability.

And so through the simple casual posts that attracted a lot of engagement, she ended up meeting someone who wasn’t part of her network but indirectly got influenced by other people’s comments.

20:25Rachel’s Perspective On In-Person & Virtual Events

In the podcast, Rachel explains:

  • How both the physical and virtual events are both important marketing strategies and are there to stay
  • The trend of  in-person events focusing on micro smaller events and is characterized by smaller connections
  • Some things are better delivered on a digital platform or virtually
  • In-person events work better for connecting with people for business, especially after prior engagement
  • There is a need to diversify how you market your content so that audiences can have different ways to consume them.
  • Most people do not attend in-person meetings, but many are available in the virtual space.
  • Ensuring that you have a continual conversation with your audience by developing content formats for their convenient consumption.
  • Considering blended or hybrid events so that no one is left behind
  • There are opportunities in virtual meetings and chats because it is a convenient way of getting valuable information or data about your target audiences.

26:08 – Rachel’s Final Advice – What She Wished She Had Known

Finally, Rachel’s piece of advice especially to entrepreneurs is: You’ve got this!

This is because there will be ups and downs, but things will always work out.

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Thanks very much for listening!


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