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My Obsession with Account-based Marketing Tools

One of the questions I get asked a lot is:  What Account-based marketing tools should you get smart on?”

You have come to the right place for answers because I am a total nerd about marketing technology.

My Marketing Technology Journey

I was a very early user of or SFDC as it is now known.  Since 2003 I have been on LinkedIn, and I have been on Facebook and YouTube since they were available.

This passion started in 1994 when I went online for the first time. Back then the Worldwide Web was no more than a few hundred sites and they were very rudimentary.

All it took was one online session to realize that this medium would change my chosen profession of marketing. I was hooked.

Since then, I have spent my entire career immersed in exploiting digital marketing technologies.

My Obsession With ABM Marketing Tools

My most recent obsession is account-based marketing tools. Why?

I love B2B marketing and have always found it to be more interesting than B2C marketing. I believe that ABM is the future of B2B marketing. You can read more here.

The most exciting aspects are the new ABM tools. Account-based marketing tools are transforming B2B marketing and making it incredibly interesting.

ABM has been around for 20 years and to be honest, it was a bit dull. Mostly ABM was about 1:1 ABM focusing marketing to a few large accounts.

The advent of intent data has changed that, as you will see below. I publish a great deal of content about these topics.


A Selection of My Videos, Blog Posts, & Webinars On Account-based Marketing

#1. What is Intent Data?


In this video, I review the meaning of intent data which is a key tool for ABM targeting. I also highlight the five predictive data signals, and how they can be tracked.

The video then explores some of the intent data, and how, Bombora, an ABM intent data vendor, can help you identify who is in-market.

#2. How to Use Intent Data in Healthcare Technology Marketing

This short video provides you a better understanding of intent data in healthcare. For clarity, I’ve used  Telehealth & Remote Patient-Monitoring (RPM) as an example.

Further, the video provides an insight on how you can use  Intent Data on healthcare topics from Bombora for your ABM.  Watch The Video Here 

#3. Low-Budget ABM Marketing Tools


In this video, I provide examples of some low-budget options to use for ABM including how I implemented an initial ABM program for a client on a shoestring budget.

#4. The Future of ABM & How ABM Tools Will Evolve


In this webinar I review the state of ABM in healthcare technology, what can healthcare technology marketers learn from other industries, future trends ABM marketers should consider, and What new account-based marketing tools are coming.

#5. How Nuvolo Uses Terminus ABM  Tools


How Nuvolo built a strong foundation for their extensive ABM program with their Terminus ABM platform and the role intent data plays in their strategy.

#6. How Nuvolo Uses Terminus ABM Tool For 1:1 Campaigns


In this final part of Nuvulo’s ABM Case Study, I dive into Nuvolo’s 1:Many Campaign Approach and how they have successfully used it for Competitive Switching.

#7. Demandbase FIRE Account Scoring

In this video post, you will gain a better understanding of Demandbase’s FIRE Account Scoring. It will also guide you on how you can identify prospects in real-time using  AI and predictive modeling Watch The Video Here 

Bonus – The ABM Resource Center


Last but not least, I have created the ABM Resource Center to provide you with the tools, tips, and strategies you need to bring your ABM program to life

We hope you find this useful. ABM is hard and we can all use a little help.

If you want help with your account-based marketing strategy for healthcare, contact us.

Also if you are interested in the future of ABM, check out What is ABX?

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Posted by Adam Turinas
Posted in ABM Strategy Blogs on June 20, 2021

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