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7 Educational Webinars For Healthtech Marketers

It’s been seven months since we launched healthlaunchpad and we have run seven webinars for healthtech marketers in that time.

Our passion is helping healthtech marketers grow their businesses. Every month we run webinars and workshops specifically to help provide healthtech marketers with opportunities to gain new skills and learn new ideas to raise their game.

You can see all the available webinars at the Healthcare Sales and Marketing Resource Center. Our aim is to make this THE place for healthcare marketers to improve their skills and knowledge.

Here is a summary of the webinars you will find here:

How To Land a New Client via LinkedIn 

Get your LinkedIn Profile up to speed to attract ideal clients. Develop a way to identify ideal future clients.  Develop a plan to connect with ideal buyers and develop a 5-Step Nurturing System to convert contacts into clients.

How to Drive Business Results Using Customer Intent & Behavior Insights

Learn how to gain insights into customer online behavior that directly improves marketing performance.  How to identify and measure customer intent based on their online search behavior. How to assess how well your website is designed to address this behavior and MORE. Presented by Adworthy.

How To Stand Out In Virtual Events

Erin Farrell-Talbot, the tech PR expert, is a subject matter expert in Virtual Events. In this webinar, Erin shares 10 ways to make your virtual event a major success, including. how to personalize the experience, what type of content works best, and much more…

What Flavor Is Your Champion

Learn about the 7 Personas of Champions You Will Meet. In complex sales, we are dependent on finding the right champion to help us navigate the customer’s organization and guide us through the sales process.

How Tech Purchases Are Changing

In this webinar, you will hear insights from a CIO on the frontline of healthcare. He will share what he is hearing from his peers nationwide. How needs are changing, what is taking priority, etc.

Healthcare’s Changing Needs

Hear from a healthcare leader on How we can get back to normal, the new reality, and the demand for consumer convenience.  What you need to do to be successful in the New Normal.

Partnerships for Startups

Partnerships can be one of the most effective strategies to accelerate growth and profits but they are hard to do well. Includes benefits, types of partnerships, challenges, and how to approach them.

And we aren’t done yet

Here is what we have coming up in November and December.


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