Guy Friedman - Strategies for successful pivoting

Healthtech Marketing Podcast – Making a Successful Pivot – Guy Friedman, CEO of SteadyMD.

In this video podcast, Guy Friedman, Co-Founder & CEO of Steady MD,  talks about how they made a successful pivot by creating a network of physicians who are licensed in every state and provide care via telehealth

Speaking to Adam(CEO & Founder of healthlauchpad, Guy shares valuable insights about their company’s inbound marketing. Friedman explains their approach to selling, building a strong brand, and marketing their services.

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Podcast Highlights With Timestamps

1:26 – Guy Friedman & Steady MD –  Introduction

4: 55 -Guy Friedman Talks About Competition & Dynamics

9:04 – SteadyMD – Target Customers

10:25 – How SteadyMD Sells To Its Market

13:06 – Guy Friedman On How They Get Their Story Out?

16:32 – Brand Building – Customers & Prospects Vs Physicians

21:25 – Strategy for Clinician & Patients’ Long-term Relationships

23:39 –  SteadmanMD – Building Brand From Inside Out

25:16 – Guy Friedman – One Piece of Advice

Podcast  Video – Successful Pivot – Guy Friedman, CEO, SteadyMD

Podcast Briefs With Time Stamps – Guy Friedman

1:26 Introduction – Guy Friedman & SteadyMD 

The podcast begins with Adam, CEO & Founder of healthlauchpad making an introductory statement, thanking HIMSS for its partnership.

He then welcomes Guy Friedman (Co-founder & CEO of SteadyMD) to introduce himself and their company

1:26 Guy Friedman & SteadyMD –  Introduction

As the podcast begins, Guy introduces himself and the company by explaining that:

  • Their company, SteadyMD is a 6-year-old startup
  • They started as a virtual primary care company focusing on high-end consumers
  • They charge a monthly subscription fee to patients that get unlimited access to dedicated clinicians
  • By 2020, they had built a robust infrastructure to power digital health companies with their on-demand clinician network
  • They have a network of doctors, nurses, and therapists that are all licensed and able to attend to patients in all 50 States.
  • Through their network, companies can now easily scale without having to spend in building a new clinician workforce

4: 55Guy Friedman Talks About Competition & Dynamics

In the video podcast, Guy goes ahead to explain how:

  • They do not face much competition because setting up a network like theirs takes time and has no shortcut
  • COVID created an opportunity for some players who needed urgent solutions to embrace their network

9:04SteadyMD – Target Customers

Having started with B2C and embracing the B2B model:

  • Their customers are digital healthcare companies
  • They also serve direct consumers and end-users like hospitals, payers, and pharmaceutical players
  • Their platform makes it easier for their customers to easily scale up because they can cost-effectively link patients with clinicians.

10:25How SteadyMD Sells To Its Market

Further in the podcast, Guy Friedman reveals that their marketing strategy is based on the value proposition and that:

  • They share with customers how expensive it will be if they decide to build their own network.
  • Customers in their network see financial sense without a drop in quality or clinical effectiveness.

13:06Guy Friedman On How They Get Their Story Out?

Guy takes note that their current lack of a formidable competitor within their space will not last for long because the market continues to grow.

And so, in telling their story, SteadyMD:

  • Continuously brand themselves by focusing on the quality of their services
  • Ensure they gain trust from patients and partners
  • Prioritize the creation of a better clinician experience than typical telehealth, or digital health company

16:32 Brand Building – Customers & Prospects Vs. Physicians

Also in the podcast, Guy talks about the following as their brand strategy:

  • Targeting both customers and prospects through various marketing channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Social Media, conferences, and outbound sales
  • Continuously talking about value proposition to clinicians

He goes ahead to reveal some of the core reasons that drive clinicians to embrace telehealth

21:25Strategy for Clinician & Patients’ Long-term Relationships

As a strategy to acquire long-term partnerships with its customers, Guy explains that:

  • In their B2B business, they still focus on their original virtual primary care which is consumer focused
  • For a greater clinician experience, they allow clients to work with their day-to-day patients as well as their long-term patients

23:39 –  SteadyMD – Building Brand From Inside Out

SteadyMD’s success is because they:

  • Build their brand from the inside out
  • Have clear value prepositions, including clear value to the clinicians
  • Sell a better patient experience

25:16Guy Friedman – One Piece of Advice

The podcast ends with Guy sharing one of the main lessons he has learned.

He advises that to drive a successful startup, you must find a network of friends who understands you and what you can brainstorm with instead of doing it alone.

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