Dr. Dean explaining the role of ethnography in healthcare marketing

Healthtech Marketing Podcast – The Power of Ethnography, Dean Browell, Ph.D.

“Living among gorillas” is an expression you will hardly come across when it comes to healthcare marketing. But you will in this podcast. Talking to Adams Turinas, the CEO & Founder of healthlaunchpad, Dean Browell, Ph.D. , an ethnographer and Chief Behavioral Officer of Feedback, reveals how their innovative ethnographic firm relies on customers’ insights.

In this episode brought to you in partnership with HIMSS, you will learn what ethnography is and how it can be applied in selling to healthcare. As an example, Dr. Dean sheds light on nurse burnout and looks at the issue from a very different and interesting perspective.

Healthtech Marketing – Understanding of Buyers

From the video podcast, you will also learn how to use online listening to gain a better understanding of what your buyers are looking for.

Dean reveals how through observation within various online channels such as Facebook and Instagram, their firm, Feedback, can tap on users’ behaviors and interactions within the online space.

 Healthtech Marketing  Podcast – The Role of Ethnography By Dean Browell, Ph.D.

 Dr. Dean On How They Apply Ethnography 

In the podcast, Browell illustrates how their firm, Feedback used ethnography to internally assess clinician burnout, especially during COVID.

This was possible by assessing what the nurses shared about where they work, how they work, and their general feelings.

Further, Browell discusses how ethnography also comes in handy, especially for new healthcare recruits who are doing their research before they finally join an organization.

Dr. Dean also talks about how their firm, Feedback, approaches the external side of healthcare through their ethnographic technique.

For instance, they can have a better understanding of the journey of a newly diagnosed cancer patient within a particular region. This is made possible by the nature of the information they share online and their general interactions.

Dr. Dean BrowellEthnography & Healthcare Marketing.

Further in the podcast, Dr. Dean discusses how ethnography has enabled them to:

  • Partner with firms for qualitative and quantitative marketing research
  • Identify different personas through their online interactions, and their buying journey
  • Assist organizations in identifying those they ought to sell to and the collective behavior of the buyer
  • Identify regional communities and people with common interests for a deeper understanding of their behaviors
  • “Leave among gorillas” by capturing critical human behaviors through peer-to-peer online interactions

Brownell’s  Advice

As an ethnographer, one key lesson that Dr. Dean has learned and shared in this podcast is that people with similar interests will always stick around.

For instance, patients in a cancer forum will always stick around to help those who have been just been diagnosed.

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