Lucy Railton shares some of the strategies they have used to build an effective content marketing strategy

Building a Content Marketing Strategy to Sell Complex Technology: Lucy Railton, Director of Marketing, Smile CDR

In this podcast episode, Adam Turinas, the CEO of healthlaunchpad, talks to  Lucy Railton, Director of Marketing of Smile CDR, about how their company has built a marketing engine filed by content.

And so in the video discussion, Lucy shares about their company’s target audience, the techniques they use to identify them, and lastly, some of the elements that characterize their marketing campaigns

The podcast is produced through the partnership of HIMMS and healthlaunchpad,

Podcast Highlights With Timestamps

2:08 Lucy Railton’s Career background &  Smile CDR

5:50How Smile CDR Clarifies Concepts to Customers

8:12 –Smile CDR’s Demand Generation Approach – Content Marketing 

9:12 Target Audience & Engagement Tactics

12:07 Building Marketing Engine – Elements of Marketing Campaign

13:28 Using Hubspot  For Highly Targeted Campaigns 

16:04 Smile CDR’S Approach In Building Marketing Structure

25:30 Lucy’s Key Advice To Marketers

The Healthtech Marketing Podcast Video Lucy Railton, Director of Marketing, Smile CDR

Lucy Railton Podcast Briefs With Time-stamps.

2:08Lucy Railton’s Career background &  Smile CDR

Lucy Railton begins by introducing their healthcare technology company, Smile CDR, the customers they support with their interoperability services, and how the company continues to grow rapidly.

She explains how their company focuses on solutions that enhance their customers’ efficiency, reduce costs and improve customers’ outcomes.

5:50How Smile CDR Explains Hard Concepts to Customers

Lucy explains how Smile CDR uses the following approaches to clarify concepts to customers:

  • Taking time to learn in order to fully understand the customers(target audience)
  • Team collaboration and talking to different people
  • Developing persona- content and customizing customer messages
  • Having methodologies to continuously test the performance of customer engagement
  • A clear understanding of measurable indicators such as turning leads into Sales Opportunities and finally turning the Sales Opportunities into Sales Revenues.

8:12 –Smile CDR’s Demand Generation Approach – Content Marketing Strategies

Railton further reveals how their company uses the following marketing approaches:

(1) Traditional marketing Strategy – Used by a small team for communication & Brand Awareness

(2) Digital Content Marketing Strategy – The main marketing strategies that Smile CDR teams use:

  • ABM Lite (One to Few) for research & campaign optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Developing content marketing strategy that supports SDRs and DST teams
  • Development of a strong marketing team

9:12 Target Audience & Engagement Tactics

Lucy Railton also provides an example of Smile CDR’s target audience and some of the key features that the company had to focus on when creating a suitable data solution.

She highlights the following tactics that they use to engage the targeted Audience:

  • Better knowledge of the target audience and their key pain points in order to provide solutions
  • Providing solutions that the problems of the target audience
  • Propose solutions that improve efficiency, reduce costs, and improve patients’ outcomes
  • Focusing on infrastructures that focus on the current and future requirement

In the podcast, Lucy also explains how their company will in the future consider adopting Influencers Marketing as a strategy for getting for attracting more target audiences,

12:07 Smile CDR Marketing Engine – Elements of Marketing Campaign

In the podcast, Lucy explains how their company uses the following marketing campaign elements:

  • Specific Persona Campaign – Used when all content addresses a specific pain point
  • Marketing Campaign Strategies such as email marketing and  email nurturing among others
  • Hubspot Platform which is used for highly targeted campaigns.

13:28 Using Hubspot  For Highly Targeted Campaigns & Revenue Reporting

Lucy Railton further shares how their company’s marketing team uses the Hubspot platform for highly targeted campaigns, and as a tool to generate Revenue Report

16:04 Smile CDR’S Approach To Building Marketing Structure

Lucy explains the following as some of the approaches that Smile CDR has adopted to quickly build and expand its marketing structure:

  • Accommodating alterations in order to identify what works for everyone.
  • Ensuring that all team members understand the company’s brand
  • Brand consistency during market education
  • Collaboration & Effective alignment of both sales and marketing strategies
  • Building an internal marketing team while allowing for out-sourcing where necessary
  • Focusing on the growth of Revenue Operations
  • Mapping potential buyers by creating valuable digital content
  • Marketing landing pages in Hubspot

25:30 Lucy’s Key Advice To Healthtech Marketers

Finally, as a piece of advice based on her career experiences, Railton points out the need for healthtech marketers to spend a little bit more time in the beginning to learn and understand the industry and its players, conduct thorough research, and schedule interviews with their potential target audience.

This will ensure that implementations of marketing strategies run smoothly,  efficiently, and with reduced costs because all team members will be having a better and shared understanding of the target audience.

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