Case Study: Creating a New Brand Umbrella for PerfectServe

The Problem: PerfectServe acquired three businesses to create more connected solutions.

The challenge was how to unite them under a single brand umbrella

In 1999, PerfectServe founder Terry Edwards launched a medical answering service that improved accuracy and reduced lag times for communications.  For the next twenty years, PerfectServe grew organically to become a leader in clinical communications and collaboration. Helping hundreds of healthcare organizations improve communications.

Backed by private equity investment, PerfectServe acquired three firms in 2019. Firstly, Telmediq solutions, 2021 Best in Klas secure messaging software.

Additionally, PerfectServe acquired Lighting Bolt, a popular provider scheduling solution. They also acquired a growing firm in the patient engagement space.

For the first two years, PerfectServe operated the firms mostly separately with “a PerfetServe company” sub-branding.

In 2021, as the four firms were becoming more closely aligned, PerfectServe took the steps to create an umbrella brand to make the integration and the creation of a single platform of these firms compelling and relevant to customers and prospects.  The new platform was known as PerfectServe Unite.

Brand Umbrella Solution: Start With Why

PerfectServe engaged Health Launchpad to bring the new brand-umbrella to life.

PerfectServe’s tagline is Accelerating Speed to Care. This addresses many of the problems in healthcare around efficiency and patient safety. It’s a compelling idea.  The missing piece was why this was important not just to its customers but why it was the mission of PerfectServe.

Taking inspiration from Simon Sinek’s Start with Why Health Launchpad worked with the PerfectServe executive team to bring the brand to life.

The notion of Start With Why is that people won’t buy What you do until they buy Why you do it.

In collaboration with the PerfectServe marketing team, Health Launchpad dissected what Accelerating Speed to Care means to the PerfectServe team and how it drives the unified team across the four businesses.

Through executive interviews, Health Launchpad then developed a short narrative explaining PerfectServe’s why.

This narrative explained the roots of what motivates the PerfectServe team, how this unites the four businesses, and how this translates into a single platform to serve the needs of its customers.

This narrative then became the foundation of the PerfectServe Unite campaign.
And so the goal of the campaign was to show how PerfectServe becomes the connective tissue of the healthcare systems it serves, with the sum being much more than the whole of its parts.

To achieve maximum impact, the execution of the campaign was through multiple forms of content.

Bringing the PerfectServe Unite Brand Umbrella To Life

The “Why” – Video

The Health Launchpad team knew the brand umbrella story needed to be told by those closest to it.  Working with Mike Kepka, an outstanding video production artist, Health Launchpad created this 4-minute video of the PerfectServe executives and a customer explaining PerfectServe’s Why. The video aimed to motivate employees and customers alike.

 The “How” – Content Assets

The brand umbrella video was accompanied by multiple written content assets housed on a resource page.

  1. Articles and Whitepapers

A long-form piece of content was created to capture critical details – of what and how the unified platform delivers for customers.

  1. Blog Posts

Nursing and physician communication is the web that joins disparate hospital departments and providers together.

Health Launchpad then created blog posts from different angles illustrating the benefits of communications in several different settings.

  1. Solution Sheet

Lastly, Health Launchpad created a solution sheet for the sales team to make it easy for them to explain the benefits of the single platform.

Brand Umbrella Launch

Launched in late 2021 to staff and customers, the brand umbrella continues to build momentum. Feedback has been very positive and this has created the brand platform to align the four businesses more closely.


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Posted by Adam Turinas
Posted in Case Studies on January 17, 2022

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